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   Chapter 280 Then I Regret

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As soon as they left, Kevin and Rose had a heated argument.

Kevin slammed the door and went to the study. As she was looking at this, Rose made up her mind secretly.

She had heard about the expensive and fantastic wedding Harry was planning for Lola.

Never let me know where it is, she thought to herself. Or I'll ruin it by all means!

She thought about her son who often worked day and night to get where he was today. She certainly was unwilling to see all his hard-earned money spent on that woman.

In the mansion.

After putting their daughter to sleep, Harry and Lola went to the balcony to see the beautiful view on the sea. This was where they would always go to relax their mind. Harry stood behind her fiancee, with his arms around her waist.

"My dear, where would you like to spend our honeymoon?" He whispered sweetly in her ears.

Raising the corners of her mouth, Lola answered without hesitation, "I want to tour around the world! That's my dream when I was a child."

Speaking of this, Lola wished she could go out and travel with Harry right away.

When she was in A Country, there's hardly any time for travelling and leisure due to the hectic schedule.

A tour around the world? "No problem, I'll take you around the world as soon as you marry me!" It wasn't a problem at all. He had all the money in the world.

"But, I can't wait, anymore! I want to go tomorrow." She looked at him with her sweet and charming eyes. After all, she had traveled around many countries, and had already left her footprints in many places.

…… Ah! Why was she so eager to go?

"I have certain projects at hand. But once they are completed… I'll take you anywhere you want. Don't worry."

Holding his lips with her index finger, she said, "I know you're busy, but you can look after Nicole and I'll go first." Ha! What a good idea!

Harry squinted at her fiancee and thought about the evil plan in her mind. She would go alone?

"With another guy? No way!" There was a dangerous tone in his words.

…… How could he think like this…

"I just don't want to take your valuable time. You see, I have resigned from work already. We would have to live on nothing if you abandon your work." He also offered a lot of money to her family. That money will be later transferred to her account by her mother, who said she could use it for emergency pur

ly became pale. It must be like this, just like what he thought. He always had anxieties whenever Lola was not around.

He called her again, yet Lola just hung it up directly. Seeing the phone in his hand, he couldn't figure out his own mood. Was he afraid? Worried? Or maybe he was angry? He felt his heart beat even faster...

Just then, a WeChat message notified on his phone.

He took a quick glance at the screen of the phone, opened the message, and then burst into laughter.

"I regret coming to Canada, as I don't want to be alone without you. Yes, even for a short while!"

This naughty little woman! He would get even with her as soon as she come back!

With a smirk, she closed her phone and went out of the room.

That evening, they had one and a half hour of video call before he let ended the conversation and let her sleep.

It was already past ten in the evening when Lola fell asleep holding the pillow and with a blush in her cheek. She slept with a happy mood.

On the second morning

Lola got up early. She put on a white sport suit and white shoes. Then she began her journey.

He had arranged a driver for her so that she could go anywhere she wanted.

From Quebec to the Niagara Falls, there was a distance of 800 kilometers. The famous Maple Avenue of Canada can be found there.

Toronto, Kinston, Ottawa and many other large cities can be passed alongside the Maple Avenue.

In the city of Hull beside Ottawa, there was a famous view point for maple leaves -- the maple leaf viewing platform at Gatineau Park. She planned to go there.

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