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   Chapter 279 Give Birth to a Son Too

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As Rose walked in through the door, she only heard the last few words that Lola said, "...not call grandma..."

Immediately, she got furious and yelled at her, "What were you talking about? Why won't you allow Nicole to call me? Were you keeping her away from me?"

Lola looked at the angry Rose very helplessly. She wanted to explain something, yet she didn't know how to address her. It was because it was too early to call her Mom, so maybe just call her aunt first. "Aunt, you misunderstood me. I was asking Nicole... "

"You shut up! I have heard what you said, so there will be no use to explain anything!" Rose interrupted Lola rudely and her sharp voice drew the attention of her father-in-law and her husband, who were both staying at the living room.

"What happened?" Together with Kevin, Harry's grandfather walked toward the door of the living room on his crutches.

How come that the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law has started to dislike each other even before Lola actually married into their family.

"I am sorry, grandpa and uncle. But it's not a big deal. Aunt just kind of misunderstood me." Lola took a deep breath, thinking that she had to put up with her mother-in-law for the sake of the man she loved. She had to go through this.

At that time, Harry also came in with the presents that Lola had bought for everyone.

Seeing people gathering at the door and noticing the angry face of Rose, he almost could figure out what had happened. His mother was really like that.

"Didn't you let us come back for supper? Then what's with this commotion?" He asked Rose in a distant voice and held Lola's shoulders, clearly showing who he supported.

Seeing her son's action, Rose was so angry that she wanted to tear Lola into pieces!

Her son was really fascinated by this woman, yet this woman still had uncertain relationships with the ex-president Thomas Herren and the son of the Lu family! No, she would expose Lola's true identity to her son!

"Harry, this woman actually told Nicole not to call me grandma. So, whose fault was it? Don't you blame it on me." She didn't intend to let the thing go. Even though her daughter-in-law wasn't Yolanda, it would never be Lola Li! She wouldn't allow that to happen!

Harry looked down to watch the woman in his arms, and asked: "What really happened here? Was that true?"

Lola tried to explain her

s go to work!"

Rose became very angry because Kevin had supported Lola's side.

Lowering her head, Lola listened to Rose in silence. But the fact was that she really wanted to leave!

Yet, she realized that the man beside her would never let her feel worried. She put on a charming smile.

Undoubtedly, Harry answered Rose, "If Lola wants to go to work, then she will work. If not, it's OK for me that she stays at home while sleeping, eating snacks or playing. Mom, you don't need to mind our business. We won't consider what you said." The only thing Lola needed to do was warming the bed and making love to him...

Everything he owned was for his wife and daughter! But if they had a son in the future, he won't give him everything. His son needed to fight by himself!

Thinking of this, Harry decided to work more and please Lola in the future!

At that time, Harry's grandfather, who let Nicole sit on his legs, said, "Well, this is your life. We won't intervene in. Harry, do treat Lola well! I do like her very much!"

Lola lifted her head and gratefully looked at him, knowing that he was on her side.

"Yes, grandpa, I certainly will! Thank you. She was my wife. Of course, I will treat her well."

Hearing what her father-in-law had said, Rose dared not to say anything. She only sat there with her angry expression on.

How could this woman be a part of this family? No way! She would never let this woman trick her son again!

At eight o'clock that very evening, Harry's grandfather went to bed. Then Harry, together with his wife and daughter, left the villa.

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