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   Chapter 278 Almost Caught Up with His Conflicts with Them

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I should learn to cook? Joseph frowned. But when he looked at her, he remembered that she was bearing his own child. He was relieved.

Lillian felt his gaze, and stared at him with dissatisfaction. "So? If not because of my precious child, you will not learn to cook? You won't even do it for me?"

Joseph immediately laughed and took her in his arms. "How can this be true! My wife will always be the most important for me!"

Putting her head in his arms, Lillian just smiled. He was very afraid whenever she was angry when they were together before. It had not changed.

"For the sake of your good performance tonight, I reluctantly agree. This will be your reward." She was going to see her future parents-in-law. She was so excited. But she was also so nervous.

Joseph kissed her on her lips. "For the sake of your good performance, I will reward you with a wedding." He was going to choose a day and prepare a grand wedding for her.

Lillian grinned and coldly replied, "It seems that I was the one dying to marry you, the superstar."

"How could that be possible! No. I'm the one who was eager to marry you. Would that be OK?" Joseph abruptly tried to cut her off. He always had sweet and nice words at hand.

Lillian was lying on the sofa, and resting her head on his lap. Joseph caressed her shoulder-length hair gently.

"Are you going to continue on with filming?" She was pregnant now and was afraid that he could not resist the temptation of pretty girls outside. The entertainment circle was full of beauties who were really good at flirting. Even if he could exercise self-control, others might still successfully tempt him.

"Of course! I will make money to feed our baby. You know that acting was my only job, right?" He did not understand her implied concern and thought she was only worrying about his acting career going down.

However, with his wealthy brother-in-law as his backer, he would still be rich even if he didn't work. But he wanted to set off an example. He wanted to provide the woman he loved most with the best life possible.

Lillian knew that he did not get what she really meant, but she did not say anything more. Now that she had chosen him, she would just put her trust in him.

Joseph took the pregnant woman in his arms and went to the bedroom.

"It's time to go to bed. Pregnant women can

it was just a play to trick them.

Angie peeled the mango and handed it over to Lillian without looking at Joseph at all. "Now that I have already my daughters-in-law, Joseph and Jordan can go wherever they want. I have no problem with that." Sweet girls!

Jordan looked at his mom strangely. "What mistake have I made? My wife will stay here so definitely I won't go anywhere!"

Lola could not help but burst into laughter. Her grandfather was also chuckling.

The whole family was happy and harmonious. Joseph found the opportunity to sit beside Lillian, offering her tea and massaging her shoulders for her to relax a bit.

In October, Lola officially resigned from the SL Group in A Country and Hans Zhao took over the position of acting CEO.

Then Harry took her to C Country. The three lived happily in the manor.

In the middle of October

Harry's grandpa called to ask him to take Lola and Nicole back to the old house to have dinner together.

Harry asked Lola for her opinion and after getting her consent, he took his wife and daughter back to the old house.

In the old house

Rose had been lingering in the door for a long time. She was so eager to meet her dear Nicole. She had waited a long time for this.

Finally! The car came to a halt, and after the door closed, Nicole's voice echoed, "Great grandpa, grandpa! Nicole's coming!"

Harry stayed to evenly park the car and Lola took her daughter inside the house. Hearing Nicole's words, Lola looked at her daughter in wonder. "Nicole, grandma is here too. Why not call grandma?"

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