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   Chapter 277 Got Pregnant All of a Sudden

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After the good meal, she was carried by Harry to the second floor.

"I can walk by myself. Don't sweat over it." She protested, as he had been carrying her too frequently. And she also felt that she would grow fat quickly if she did not move after eating.

She remembered when she first found out that she was pregnant with Nicole. She was really in her normal fit body. But a few weeks when she went back to her mother's house, she was astonished to realize that she had grown ten more pounds in just a short period of three months!

"No, I will not let you go! Let me carry you!" He immediately refused. How could he easily put down the woman for whom he had gone through all the difficulties just to get in his arms? He would not let her go for the rest of his life! No chance at all that this would happen!

In the bedroom of the second floor

Harry led her to the chair of the balcony. "OK, you can watch the scenery. It's really beautiful up here." The Crescent Spring was on the east side of A Country. They could easily see the bustling high buildings of A Country from their view.

... Lola stayed silent. "It's not that interesting to watch the high building. Can I go fetch my cellphone, Mr. Si?" She smiled, cautiously testing his patience.

"Just hold on." Harry quickly went downstairs.

Within seconds, Harry brought her the bag she was using. Lola gladly took out the cellphone but it was grabbed away as soon as she unlocked it.

"Call your parents and tell them that you will be with me for the following days. And you're not allowed to play with your cellphone! It will be just the two of us!" The man bowed down, his arms holding on to the chair as he ordered her to do what he wanted.

He was now in front of her, and all she was thinking about was to play with her cellphone? Was he not attractive and interesting enough? She would just ignore his presence? Of course, he would not allow that to happen.

Lola groaned, but she still obediently took out her phone and dialed the number of her family. It was Landon who picked up the phone. He just finished eating his lunch. Lola briefly told the situation to him.

Landon nodded happily as he listened, "Well, taking photos is a tiring work. Take good care of yourself."

After she hang up the phone, she saw that Harry had come back to the room with red wine in his hands. She lic

law doesn't like you at all. He never loves you. He is now engaged with my sister. You have married me and you are even bearing my child. So why are you so stubborn? Why do you have to do this?"

She didn't want to say something like she did not love him. He would not believe it. He could certainly feel her love for him. It was true. She loved him with all her heart.

And for him, he had given up on coming to the engagement party of his sister just to be with her. Wasn't she touched by everything that he sacrificed for the sake of her?

Lillian opened her mouth but could not say anything. She didn't know what she was holding onto.

"Joseph, now people already knew this thing about us. I don't even dare to go out. I can only blame this on you!" She was in a helpless tone and was constantly sighing heavily.

This made Joseph unhappy. "Did you lost something when you married me?"

Lillian frowned and slapped his head, "You should learn how to cook and how to be a real man!"

In fact, Joseph could be very naive sometimes. But he was a nice man, and he was not a bad husband at all.

There were a lot of girls showing affection for him, but he never paid any attention to them.

When their marriage certificate appeared online, it was even said that girls who were in love with Jordan became so depressed.

Their Weibo accounts were about to crash with millions of comments flooding in. It was such a horrible thing to be with an international superstar!

It seemed that if she showed a slightest hint of disrespect for him, his fans would kill her!

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