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   Chapter 276 I Love You Dearly

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Lola was in a red classical cheongsam when she came out from the fitting room. Seeing that Harry was gazing at her with amazement in his eyes, she was relieved.

Harry held her in his arms and whispered to her, "Let's go buy some more cheongsams later."

Realizing what he meant by that, Lola blushed in an instant and pinched Harry, who was smirking. "Don't make fun of me. I will be your wife."

The clerk and manager who were following behind them were envious of them. They were a couple in such deep love.

As they saw on the Internet, Lola Li and Harry Si has finally got remarried.

When Lola changed into her casual clothes again, Miss Fila, a middle-aged woman with yellow hair and fair skin, entered the store. She had an air of sophistication with her.

She quickly walked over to Harry and said her apologies, "I'm sorry, Boss Si. I really was stuck in traffic. It's my fault that I was not able to anticipate it." She was an internationally renowned wedding designer and had already won many international designing awards.

However, she still felt honored and actually a bit nervous that she was tasked to design the wedding dress for Lola Li.

"It's okay, Miss Fila. We're actually sorry to trouble you." They shook hands and sat on the sofa. Lola walked out of the fitting room in a white dress.

Miss Fila couldn't move her eyes away from Lola. What a beautiful and elegant oriental beauty. She could definitely fully highlight the wedding dress that she designed. She was the perfect model for it.

"Lola, this is Miss Fila. Miss Fila, this is my fiancee, Lola Li. Hope you like each other." Harry stood up, put his hand around Lola's waist, and introduced Lola and Miss Fila to each other.

As the acting CEO of the SL Group, Lola greeted Miss Fila elegantly.

"Hello, Miss Fila, nice to meet you! I have heard a lot of good things about you." With a smile, she shook hands with Miss Fila.

Miss Fila was overwhelmed with joy. Such a beautiful woman must be very eye-catching in the wedding dress that she designed. "Miss Li, I am also very happy to meet

for her future wife.

"These are really tempting. Let me have a taste." She picked up a piece of braised eggplant and took a spoonful of it.

"Wow! Delicious! and really tasty!" Chewing on the tender and delicious eggplant, she was so into it that she couldn't speak.

Harry was looking at her. She swallowed the eggplant and asked, "Did you learn cooking before? Maybe from the chef of a five-star hotel? I believe these dishes were from fancy restaurants."

Harry nodded. "I studied culinary arts for two months when I was in college. I lived alone and didn't want the house maid to enter my place. So I decided to study how to cook."

"Oh, that's why!" Lola picked up a piece of the eggplant and put it in Harry's bowl. "Harry, taste it! It's really delicious!"

Harry looked down at the food in front of him and immediately requested, "Pick up another piece and put it straight into my mouth. I want you to do that for me, please."

Lola was eating a fillet at that moment. She smiled at Harry and gave a fillet to him. "Mr. Si, please open your mouth."

Harry opened his mouth and ate the fillet.

Lola helped herself with all the food and ate up all the shrimps that Harry peeled for her.

After they finished eating everything, Harry wiped his mouth and threw the dishes into the automatic dishwasher. The sweet night was just like a usual dinner for a married couple.

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