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   Chapter 275 My Computer Just Got a Virus

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Lola pouted in a really irresistible way and said, "Didn't you just see me today? I think there will be no need to see me again in the video." It brought up the memory of the video talk two days ago, and she immediately blushed in embarrassment.

This naughty, seductive man!

However, Harry would not just let her go. With an air of confidence, he replied, "I will show you something. Hold on."

Then he reversed the camera to the screen of a computer in the hotel room. It was showing a Japanese movie.


When Lola finally figured out what was on the screen, she felt so sick and almost wanted to puke.

"Harry, how come you have such a hobby? That is disgusting!"

Harry turned the computer off and said carelessly, "Oh. My computer just got a virus. I unfortunately opened it and that appeared."


Lola touched her hot and red cheek and said, "Do you really think I would believe you? Just go to sleep early. I will go to sleep, too." She didn't want to talk to him.

"No, I want to chat with you more. Don't be such a killjoy, Lola." It was only nine o'clock, so it was still very early to go to sleep.

"You're a real flirt. I don't feel like talking to you!" He had always been flirting, and she planned to ignore him now. She wanted to see how he would react.

She then got off the bed and drank some water.

"I want to talk to you, so you can't just hang up. Do what I'm telling you immediately! Don't ignore me." Looking at her sexily drinking water, Harry went toward the bathroom.

"No!" Lola refused without any hesitations.

The man raised his eyebrow, "No? I think my mother-in-law and father-in-law would not want me show up there right now..."

It was a threat again! Lola bit her teeth and put down the glass. She had to do something.

Then she walked into the bathroom unwillingly...

Half an hour later.

Lola held the phone which was already hung up and went back to bed to sleep.

She really didn't want to remember anything that happened tonight! No, she didn't want to think about it! No, not at all!

After a while, Lola pulled back the quilt and deeply stared at the ceiling. Her mind was full of Harry. She couldn't sleep anymore...

Because Nicole had to go to school, Harry went back to C Country with her the next day.

Lola went back to the office and worked as usual. She talked with Harry through a video call every day.

One day, Harry suddenly appeared at the SL Group in A Country. The top managers were all in the meeting room. Joey politely push

to pick dresses before. Did he do the same thing for her? A burst of envy was floating in her heart...

"Did you also pick the wedding dress for Yolanda at this store before?" She pouted her mouth, watched him looking carefully at the dresses, and pinched at the corner of his shirt.

Harry laughed, "You thought too much. It was not here, and I have never picked dressed for her."

Looking at her envious expression, he reassured her patiently.

Well, that's fine. Lola took the first dress happily and was led to the changing room.

Five minutes later.

Lola's long hair was coiled onto the top. The snow-white dress with its fitted design set off her curvy figure. She looked so sexy in it.

Lola wore a pair of high heels and posed in front Harry, making his eyes lighten up.

Harry looked closely at the extremely beautiful woman in front of him. She looked so amazing on any randomly chosen piece of wedding dress, and he was really looking forward to take pictures with her.

Then she changed to a strapless fitted wedding dress with a fishtail style. She looked so stunning in Harry's eyes.

"That's really wonderful. You look so beautiful in it. You can try on the formal dress now." Fearing that her mind must be tired by now, Harry made the decision for her.

He handed the red formal dress and white wedding dress to the shop assistant.

Lola was now trying on the red formal dress. If it were not for the help of the three shop assistants, she would have begun to feel annoyed.

It was a tedious process even to try on these wedding dress and formal dress. How would she feel when it came to shooting for the wedding photos? She must have more patience...

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