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   Chapter 274 Have I Told You

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The room was quiet and breathed in her scent.

Lola laid with her head on his shoulder while absently playing with a button on his shirt.

She wondered if they were finally past the difficulties and if they would enjoy happiness.

Harry kissed her hair and asked, "Have I told you?"

"Hmmm?" Lola raised her head looking at him suspiciously.

Harry looked at her with gentleness and said seriously, "Lola, I love you."

... Her heart skipped a beat at his words.

The affection on his face made him even more attractive and moved her.

She replied flatly, "I don't love you."

His heart sank, but after a few moments he said, "That doesn't matter, It's enough that I love you, " he paused smiling, "Besides, you will fall in love with me." His face was calm, his eyes gleamed, but his tone was arrogant.

"That will depend on your actions!" She uttered and stood up then went to lie on her bed.

However, it was inappropriate to be lying there on the bed.

So she hurriedly stood up, but it was too late. He had already closed the distance between them.

He did not fall on her, instead he lay next to her and held her in his strong arms.

"I want to arrange that our wedding is on my birthday." He whispered the words into her ear. A large wedding ceremony needs time and energy to prepare.

His birthday? She did not recall celebrating his birthday before. She felt ashamed.

His birthday was on November 9th, so he was a Scorpio.

His birthday was still a long way off. Lola didn't mind the wait, as long as she could marry him, any day would be perfect.

She nodded her head, "Okay, you go ahead with the arrangements!" They would have wedding photos, hee-hee.

She was excited thinking about having wedding photos of the two of them.

She thought about how handsome he is and felt a pride about appearing in photos with him.

She put her arms around his neck and said, "I thought you wanted to hide our marriage." She said it on purpose to upset him.

Harry laughed, "No, I don't. Besides, everybody in the world now knows that you, Lola, are my woman. Everyone will think I

ow could Lola not comply?

"Oh, I do not know." She teased, "I'm not sure you can handle so many women, Ah! I guess, I'd better look for someone else." Her tone was of remorse and regret.

Harry rubbed his aching temple, and rolled his eye realizing, this woman was his Achilles' heel! "You find one, I will eliminate him and if you find two, I will eliminate both!"

She could not help but to laugh, "Mr. Si, I'm cuckolding you! Just like the red-apricot, whose twig will creep out of the wall." The image of Lola clambering away filled his mind.

"Honey, I will catch you if you do so." He spoke the words gently, but left a veiled threat tucked in them.

Lola immediately straighten her back. She absolutely knew that Harry was a vigorous and resolute man, If he said he would come, he would.

She responded, "Boss Si, I'm sorry, I was wrong. You are so powerful, how dare I go out to find another man?" She had compared herself to a red-apricot.

Harry nodded with satisfaction. He looked at the computer, a devilish smile growing on his face.

He spent the night in a hotel. Because the only two cleaned rooms were occupied by his father and grandfather now.

"Let me see Nicole." He hung up the phone and made a video call through wechat.

Lola answered and put the camera on Nicole, who was sleeping soundly.

One minute later, "Ok, now I want to see you." This was his real purpose.

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