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   Chapter 273 One of My Betrothal Gifts for Lola

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Lola went to sleep after hanging the phone up.

In SL Group next day.

When Lola, the acting CEO and the fiancee of Harry Si, appeared in the company, the employees appeared busy.

Lola entered the CEO office with a smile. She felt confident about the meeting scheduled for later.

First though she checked Weibo for any new hot searches via the cell phone.

What a surprising news! The most hottest news listed read: "Joseph Li and Lillian Ye get their marriage certificate!"

Lola hurriedly clicked the screen to read the news and saw that Joseph had posted a picture of the marriage certificate on his Weibo account...... Joseph...... and Lillian!

Marriage is such a big thing. It surprised her that Joseph had decided to take this step without telling anyone.

Lola was excited and immediately dialed Joseph's number.

It had been just over an hour since Joseph posted his marriage certificate, and both the company phone and his cell had not stopped ringing.

He heard the phone ringing, and did not want to look at it, let alone answer it.

Obviously whoever was calling had already read his Weibo post. Why did they bother to call him?

He looked at the caller ID, and answered as soon as he saw it was Lola.

"So, what's new?'' Lola asked innocently. Of course she knew, but could not help herself.

"I am sure you saw already?" he said calmly. Thinking of Lillian, Joseph smiled happily.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Lola was thrilled for her brother. Marriage! A serious matter indeed. Their parents had not yet got the news.

Joseph thought for a moment. "I'm an adult and I have the right to make my own choices. Besides, we will be home in two days, see you soon."


Make his own choices? Lola was going to phone her parents and tell them! "You hang up and I will call home and tell father what you have done!" she smirked into the phone, "I think he will use a whip to teach you a lesson!" She felt so devious.

"Sister, you need to pay attention to you

she may have misjudged Lola.

Later, the family discussed matters in depth and then Lola took Harry to her room on the second floor to spend time alone before dinner.

The matter that Harry paid an unbelievable price for the betrothal gifts quickly spread across A Country, followed by C Country, and then the world...

Women were envious of Lola.

Lola seized Harry to her room and as the door opened, a tastefully decorated sky-blue room was revealed.

The room was accented by various shades of blue and white and a warm, sweet scent filled the air.

He noted that Lola had a preference for a neat and tidied space like himself.

Her room was uncluttered and clean.

He sat on a white armchair and Lola sat on his lap.

Her arms around his neck, "Actually, you realize... There was no need for such a huge gesture." She would have been satisfied to just have his love.

He placed an index finger on her lips before boldly stating, "I want to do it though." He would always want to give the best to his wife and daughter.

Lola looked at the man silently and said wittily. "Aren't you worried I will take the shares and betrothal gifts and run off?"

He smiled and declared arrogantly, "You can't escape my reach in this life!"'

Well! She rolled her eyes, at his boast, but in truth, she did not want to run.

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