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   Chapter 272 So I Let You

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Lola smiled, a sly grin, thinking, of course, she was going back to her room, Harry was still on the phone waiting.

"Good night, Wendy!" She said over her shoulder as she slipped back to her room.

Wendy felt lucky to have a friend who would go to such lengths to help her.

She thought as she closed the door and climbed back into bed.

Jordan saw the color returning to her cheeks and was curious, "What did Lola whisper to you?"

Wendy lay with her back to him smiling happily. She rolled over and kissed Jordan's cheek.

Jordan touched his face, amazed as he looked down at Wendy's back. He wondered what was it his sister had said to his wife.

He thought momentarily to let it go, but no, he must know!

Holding her by the waist, he leaned against her back and whispered in her ear. "Tell me, " he teased, "or I may not let you go today." He urged her playfully.

Wendy rubbed her ear; it felt tickled and itchy after he had spoken softly into it. She turned back once again to face him and looped her arm around his neck.

She looked at him seriously and told him, "I will trust you in the future."

Through this incident, Wendy realized, that couples need to trust each other to be happy.

Jordan smiled with satisfaction, "You believe me that the child is not mine then?" Jordan wondered whether Lola had investigated that.

Wendy nodded, her heart heavy, "I am sorry, you are my husband, and I should have had faith in you. I will only trust you in the future." She kissed him, and Jordan swallowed the words that he had wanted to say, instead, enjoying this moment reaffirming the intimate bond of trust between husband and wife.

Lola closed the door and flounced on the bed as she grabbed the phone. She smiled into the receiver excitedly exclaiming, "Hello!" to her fiance on the other end.

Harry turned his attention away from his computer's monitor when he heard her voice.

"Did you tell them?" He asked.

"Yes!" she replied, her joy could be heard bubbling over in her voice. "Thank you, Mr. Si!" she said coyly. Lola rolled over, laying on her back, she listened to him on the other end.

Hearing her refer to him as Mr. Si, Harry smiled. She had a lot

ing. She was quite hot-tempered. He was amused.

Lola was paralyzed all of a sudden, wondering, did he know everything?

All right, she calmed herself down, for the sake of his proposal she put it aside and said, "Don't work too late and get to sleep soon."

Harry listened to her tone and looked at her with raised eyebrows. What? Was she so unhappy, she would not even argue?

"I'll bring Nicole to A Country in two days. Tell your family to expect us." He reminded her.

"For what?" she asked curtly, still thinking, this stinky guy! The bad part of a long-distance relationship was that she couldn't snap at him!

"What for? To make you my wife right and proper!" His smile lit up his eyes.

Lola grinned. That was more like it. "Well, if there's no decent betrothal gift and grand wedding, I will not!" "Marry!" she paused between each word for emphasis. "You!" She added willfully.

Harry smiled. "If I had nothing to offer but me, would you marry me?"

"Humph, no, I would find a sugar daddy! I would ride on the coattails of rich men!" She annoyed him deliberately.

Even though he knew she was not serious and she was saying things she knew would annoy him, his smile vanished. "Lola Li, I will fly there now and take you!" He threatened.

Lola stuck out her tongue. "Fine, I am going to sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow!"

"Good night!" He looked at his watch and it was past eleven pm now. She should have been to sleep already.

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