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   Chapter 271 I Do Not Want a Stepmother

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"What's is it?" The three elders looked up at him.

Harry put down the chopsticks before he replied, "You have seen the video in which I proposed to Lola, Nicole's mother." he paused before suggesting, "So, I thought maybe you could go to A Country with me over the next few days, for dinner to meet Lola's parents." Honestly, he thought, he should just be calling it an engagement party.

Bang! the sound startled him, and he looked over at Rose. Rose slammed her chopsticks onto the table, her face dark with anger. She hadn't planned on discussing the video today; however, since her son brought it up himself, she would voice her thoughts.

"How dare you!" she began, "Did you even bother consulting the elders about this proposal? Is that woman worthy of such a magnificent and luxurious wedding?"

Harry's heart sank at his mother's criticism.

Kevin put his hand on Rose's and reminded her, "Don't be so tough on Harry. Let him do what he wants."

Harry's grandfather did not say anything.

"You may accept this but I can't. I would accept anyone except Lola as my daughter-in-law." Rose raised her voice as her frustration grew.

She thought Lola was a calculating woman and had something to do with what happened when Yolanda did not marry Harry. Rose would not abide that woman as her daughter-in-law.

Nicole looked at the elders with curiosity at the mention of her mother.

Kevin noticed and looked at his wife. "Rose, did you see how grown Nicole is now? You would not want her to leave her mother or live with a stepmother." he calmly stated.

He thought Lola was a fine choice and was happy for his son.

Rose glanced at Nicole affectionately responding to her husband, "What's wrong with a stepmother. If we can find a good daughter-in law, who treated her even better than her biological mother."

"I do not want a stepmother." Nicole added. She finally figured out what the adults were discussing. She slammed her spoon down. Her mouth turned down as she pouted.

Harry's mood immediately turned and he smiled. She was so like Lola.

Rose hurr

she felt.

Harry got down to the business before he could be distracted as he was before, "Tell Wendy, nothing happened between Jordan and that woman." Rumor was, that the woman didn't tell the truth even when she was threatened and that it was when she thought her family's lives were endangered by a sword of Damocles had she spoken honestly.

Lola smiled, she knew her brother had been wrongly accused. Lola replied happily, "Hold on, " She tossed the phone on the bed, put her pajamas on and ran out.

Harry figured Lola must be trying to tell her bestie the good news.

He was right. Lola knocked on the door next to hers.

Jordan opened the door, he was trying to help his pregnant wife, Wendy, to relax and rest unsuccessfully.

"Where is Wendy? Where is Wendy?" Lola asked excitedly, craning her head to see in the room behind her brother.

Wendy sat on the bed with her back to the door.

Hearing Lola's voice, she got up gradually and walked towards her, "What's wrong, Lola?" She asked Lola.

"Jordan, please leave us." She pushed Jordan back into the room a bit. Jordan looked at the two women in the doorway helplessly and walked inside.

Lola whispered into Wendy's ear.

"Nothing happened between my brother and that woman."

Wendy, blushed, and nudging Lola backward, "Thank you, I will be able to sleep now. Go to bed" Her heart was finally at ease.

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