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   Chapter 270 Have an Abortion

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Angie looked expectantly at Wendy, willing herself to calm down as she waited to hear her news.

"Mom, " she began, "The good news is also that you will be a grandmother soon." Wendy rushed through her news, blushing slightly. However, Angie didn't noticed that and was not feeling the same as Wendy.

She raised her voice in disbelief. "I don't want that grandchild." She thought about the other girls, getting angry. "I am going to smack him!" She exclaimed. "Don't stop me, Wendy!"

Hearing voices from downstairs, Jordan frowned and left his reading room to investigate. He paused hearing the gentle sound of his wife's voice.

"Mom, Settle down!" He heard her say, "I am pregnant! This is the good news." She finished quietly. Jordan reached the stairs as the news was shared between the ladies below.

Angie began to understand, as Wendy nodded demurely in affirmation.

"Oh, Wendy, please come sit here and tell me about it." Angie put the broom aside and took Wendy's hands to help her sit on the sofa.

Hearing the exciting news that his wife was pregnant, Jordan clambered down the stairs.

"Yes mom" Wendy said as she pulled out a small paper to show Angie, "Look, this is an ultrasound of the baby." She handed the picture to shock Angie.

Angie opened the folded paper and stared at it for a long time before giving Wendy a hug and joyfully exclaiming, "I'm gonna be a grandmother!" She had been waiting a long time to hear the news that she would be a grandmother.

Jordan came up and pulled Wendy out of Angie's arms to hold her asking, "I'm going to be a father?" He looked down at Wendy, stunned by this sudden turn of events.

Wendy silently nodded as Jordan smiled at her.

The news sunk in, he was going to be a father! He was thinking, how he would have a child as cute as Nicole, when he felt a smack followed by more smacks.

Angie was hitting him soundly thinking about the bad news Wendy had told her earlier.

"Jordan, let's be clear on this, you have a child with another woman?" she railed at him. "Why?" she continued her assault

y stared after Lola as she boarded the plane.

Ensuring the preparations for a wedding feast with his parents in A Country was his top priority. After that, he would finish arrangements for his wedding ceremony.

Thinking of this, Harry decided to take Nicole back to the old house in the evening.

It was dinnertime when they arrived.

Nicole skipped ahead, and Harry followed after locking his car.

Harry's grandfather met the little girl as she entered. He said with a smiling face, "Nicole, come give your great-grandfather a hug!" He loved and doted on his great-grand daughter.

Nicole immediately ran to him. "Great-grandfather, " said Nicole sweetly.

"Well, my dear." Rose hastened her pace down the stairs when she saw her son and granddaughter had arrived.

"Nicole!" She said as descended the staircase. She really loved this little girl, despite her feelings toward Lola, Nicole's mother.

"Grandmother." Nicole said, her face lit with happiness. Nicole ran to the staircase, waiting for her.

His lively daughter reminded him his lovely wife. His eye shone his smile.

Kevin, the head of the SL Group, went back home when the dishes were placed on the table.

The family sat at the table and Harry dished out Nicole's dinner. She ate her food with relish.

During their dinner, Harry cut the silence of the meal, "Grandfather, father and mother."

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