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   Chapter 269 You are Going to be a Grandmother

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Jordan patted Sharon on the back, "Well thanks God! You're fine. Don't do that again." For a moment, he was really scared. He didn't want to be a cause of a person's death, after all.

However, what he was really thinking about right now was his wife. Where was she?

In a distance, a familiar figure attracted Jordan's attention.

Immediately, he put down Sharon, picked up his coat and was about to run to that familiar figure.

However, he was pulled back by Sharon when he was just about to stand up.

"Jordan, please don't go. Can you stay with me for a while? I don't feel so well." Sharon looked at him in an emotional way. She thought that Jordan was actually not that cruel and mean to her.

Jordan disengaged himself from her tight grip and chased Wendy towards the direction where she just disappeared.

Looking at that same direction, Jordan left bitterly. Sharon swore to herself that she wouldn't give up and she would get her man back!

Wendy was walking on the street aimlessly, not knowing where to go. She was like a crazy, lost woman. She did not dare to go back to her mother's house because she did not want her to worry.

She also didn't want to come back to the Li Family because she knew he will be there...

There was a fast and steady sound of running behind her, so she immediately quickened her pace. She knew who that was without looking back.

Jordan also stepped up his pace and caught up with her in just two or three steps.

He pulled her by her wrist, but she still managed to escape.

"Wendy Yu!" He called her name angrily in a low voice. He didn't want to attract people's attention.

This was such a tricky act to do. He didn't know how to comfort a woman. Even worse, his wife was angry now.

Deciding to disregard everyone's attention, he picked her up in his arms and straightforwardly walked towards his car.

"Let me go!" Wendy pounded him with her fist but Jordan was a so strong that he didn't feel any pain.

No matter how she punched him, Jordan wouldn't just budge. He put her on the assistant driver seat.

Then he sat on the main driving seat, locked the door and quickly drove away.

Along the way, both of them remained in silence as Jordan didn't know how to comfort her. Wendy was so mad that she did not want to talk with him.

However, when

she got off the couch and was about to go upstairs angrily.

Angie saw her son wandering around upstairs. Wendy pulled her back. "Mom, now there is a bad news and a good news. Which one would you like to hear first?"

Wendy wiped her tears and decided to tell Angie the truth. She was like her mother now, anyway.

Angie sat down again and looked at the aggrieved Wendy. She thought it must be about her son. He rarely speaks his thoughts out. "The... the bad news first."

"The bad news was that you are going to be a grandmother." Hearing that, Angie was pleasantly surprised. But she realized that there was something wrong.

"Say it clearly."

"But there's another woman who was also pregnant with Jordan's baby." Wendy said that bitterly.

Hearing this, Angie stood up all of a sudden and looked around for something.

"Mom, what were you looking for?" Wendy looked confusedly at Angie, who was turning from side to side.

"I'm looking for a stick or something to beat my irresponsible son to death!" She rushed into the kitchen to take the broom and was about to rush upstairs.

Wendy pulled her again quickly and reassured her, "Mom, please clam down!"

"Wendy. Don't stop me. I have to teach my irresponsible son a lesson. Jordan, hear me out!"

Angie shouted angrily with a broom in her hand.

Wendy was greatly moved as her mother-in-law treated her so well as if she was her natural daughter. But Wendy abruptly took the broom from Angie's hand and comforted her, "Mom, didn't you forget there was still a piece of good news?"

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