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   Chapter 268 Slapped Him on His Face

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Wendy suddenly stopped turning the door handle. Sharon's voice instantly haunted Wendy's mind.

The words echoed in her mind, "It's yours, Jordan. I have your child!"

She must have been too preoccupied with her happiness that she has totally forgotten the one-night stand between Jordan and Sharon. She was a fool! She should have anticipated this.

She herself had his husband's baby, too.

Inside the room came Jordan's serious words, "Cut the crap, Sharon. Get out of here now. That's not mine."

She didn't know what exactly was happening inside. She could only hear their conversation, "You are my only man. If that baby is not yours, then whose could it be? I have been pregnant for eight weeks already. Eight weeks ago, we slept together at the hotel. It's completely obvious."

Sharon's accusation was followed by an uncomfortable silence. Jordan looked at her. If they had sex that night, why didn't he feel a thing? He would definitely feel something, right?

"Here you are. My B-ultrasound result. Embarrass yourself." Sharon pulled a piece of paper from her bag and put it in front of Jordan.

Jordan saw clearly that the document bore her name and the time of pregnancy. It was true.

There were some footsteps outside and then they heard a military officer's voice, "Wendy, why don't you go inside? Mr. Li is not there? I believe he's here."

Shit! Why was Wendy outside? When did she come? Was she listening to everything they were saying?

Jordan hurriedly pulled aside the chair and rushed outside. But what he saw was only a view of Wendy's back disappearing quickly from the corridor.

Jordan immediately followed her. Wendy was about to reach the door.

He quickened his steps even more and eventually caught up with her at the door.

"Wendy! Wait up!" He grabbed her wrist. Wendy turned around and slapped him on his face.

The deafening slap shocked not only Jordan, but the guard as well. It was not every day that a military officer was beat up by his wife. The seemingly weak Wendy, Mr. Li's wife, slapped him in broad daylight.

As Jordan gaped in astonishment, Wendy shook off his wrist and ran outside with a cold face.

Since this was

a meter away.

He then swam towards her. The riverside was already crowded with people.

When he arrived, Sharon was already sinking. He held her up, her head above water, and swam back to the land.

Several people along the river extended a helping hand and put the unconscious Sharon on the ground.

Jordan immediately pressed her chest and helped her spit out water.

After repeating this for like a dozen times, Sharon eventually came around.

Jordan felt quite relieved.

"You are so young. Nothing is worth dying for."

"Exactly. Life is precious. Don't give up easily."

Several middle-aged women began to give their advice.

Sharon looked at the people around her. Jordan was still wearing an emotionless face. She knew that he saved her.

She sat up and embraced Jordan, whose clothes were also soaking wet.

"Jordan, I know you would never leave me. You really love me." She knew he still loved her, even only by a bit.

With that sight, the crowd instantly understood what was going on. They all shook their heads and left.

Young people now thought too little of the precious life. A little trouble would lead to suicide——worrying, worrying indeed.

Wendy stood nearby, looking coldly at them hugging each other.

"He cared about her indeed. Sharon just carelessly threw herself in the river, and he immediately jumped inside to save her.

How touching..." Wendy thought to herself as she rolled her eyes in disgust.

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