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   Chapter 267 Lillian was Pregnant

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Harry also sat back on the bed, took out his mobile phone and browsed on Wechat and Weibo.

It turned out that Lola had given red packets to everyone so he threw in some more.

The group, which had been quiet for some time, quickly gathered steam and was active again.

He added likes on the top ten comments on Weibo and sent a private message to Joseph.

"Lillian was pregnant when she came to me."

Joseph had great contribution to his successful proposal, and he would remember that as a favor he owed to him.

As for the comments of the several friends, he didn't plan to reply anymore as he was kind of exhausted.

Then he closed all his social apps and made a call to request Joey to prepare some materials that they will use for tomorrow.

He had missed so much time with Lola and he would not wait any longer.

Lola came out of the bathroom and saw that Harry was calling someone.

She didn't have any pajamas on her, so she just wrapped herself in bath towels. This made Harry's eyes glow in an instant.

He hung up the phone quickly and pulled his soon-to-be wife into the bed.

"I'm tired and I want to sleep now." She slightly gasped to stop Harry's hands from further going down her neck.

"Don't move." His gentle, sweet voice rang in her ear.

After a long while, he said, "From today, you are mine!" Finally he got her! He wouldn't let go of this opportunity.

Lola moved so she could get into a comfortable posture and then listened to his sweet words.

After thinking for a while, she stared at him intently. "But I'm not that kind of woman who you can just get and dispose whenever you want!"

Harry smiled, kissed her on the lips, and held her tightly. "No, I won't. Never. I will get you at all costs. I will not make the same mistakes again."

Lola closed her eyes and enjoyed his embrace. It was so warm and good.

"If you want to get me, it will depend on your sincerity. Your love should stand even the strongest storms!" It was too easy for him to get her. He won't cherish it with value if he did not exert an effort to have her. She should regularly test him and make things difficult for him.

Harry looked at the beautiful woman in her arms and kissed her again. "My sincerity can be seen by the sun and the moon!"

...... "Mr. Si, you're a maste


Wendy immediately took a taxi and went to the First People's Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Department to do a B-mode ultrasound.

Ten minutes later

Wendy was called into the doctor's room. She immediately suppressed the excitement and listened intently to the doctor giving her instructions.

"When you go home, always pay attention to every precaution and do not engage in physically-demanding activities. Come over regularly for the check-up."

"Ok, thank you doctor."

Leaving the hospital, she took a taxi directly to the troops. In the car, Wendy had been looking at the B-ultrasound result all throughout the trip with happiness on her face.

He would certainly be happier to see it! When she thought of how Jordan would laugh happily to hear the news, she was very excited.

The car stopped at the door of the army. Wendy had been to the troops several times already, so the guards knew that she was a relative of a military officer.

They didn't stop her and let her in after registration.

In Jordan's Temporary Lounge

The entire corridor was very quiet, and she could only hear the commands of military personnel, who were training from afar.

She quickened her pace, hoping that Jordan had not gone to the training ground yet.

The door of the lounge was half-closed. Jordan didn't lock the door. He was definitely inside. She put the hand on the door handle and was ready to push it open.

"It's yours! Jordan, I have your child!" She heard the urgent familiar voice of Sharon ringing out.

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