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   Chapter 266 Showing off

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Other people looked at Jordan with admiration. "These are deep-sea cucumbers. Harry, have some more. You'll like these." Eason put some more on Harry's plate and smirked.

Jordan and Harry ate them up within a minute.

Lola pinched Harry's hand and murmured in sarcasm, "Oh. I'm not your wife. You want to get remarried without holding a wedding? No way! I want a grand one!"

"Well, you're showing off to make us jealous." Samuel joked. "How time really flies. Your daughter has been growing up so quickly and is now four years old!"

At the thought of Nicole, Eason was surprised. "Harry, that's impressive. We're still single, but your daughter is about four years old. You're doing a good job!"

Chuck, who had remained silent, put down his wine glass. "Introduce Nicole to us. We're her sworn fathers from now on." They made a promise.

Samuel and Eason also nodded. They were best friends, anyway.

"Okay. Prepare some costly gifts. I want Nicole to have everything she wants." Harry said this coldly. With three sworn fathers, Nicole would be really happy.

They looked at Harry with contempt. "Harry, are you going bankrupt right now? You even asked us to bring expensive gifts. You could do that by yourself." Chuck asked in a serious but sarcastic tone, making Lola chuckle.

Harry replied calmly, "You're rich enough to buy two villas for Nicole. Don't flatter yourselves."


Eason rolled his eyes. "Forget it. Two villas? My God, I'll go bankrupt. I won't have any future, anymore." He shouted out loud.

Harry smirked at him. "No, you won't. I do know that you can afford dozens of villas." Eason was an internationally renowned designer and Harry knew he wouldn't go bankrupt.

After thinking about it for a while, Samuel asked seriously, "Harry, if I buy two villas, I won't have a place to live. Can you give your manor to me?"

Chuck took a look at them and followed suit, "Harry, if I buy two villas, I'll have no money. Can you treat me to dinner?"

Harry rolled his eyes at them. "Forget it. I won't introduce Nicole to you."

"Don't! I'll buy thr

arry just made the proposal and she agreed. Things weren't that sure yet.

The third comment was from someone she didn't think will reply. It was a certified account named Lawyer Samuel. "Dude, good for you. Get remarried quickly! I approve!"

The fourth comment was from the certified account of Parisian Costume Chief Designer Eason. "Dude, invite us to your wedding this time. I'll be angry if you won't."

The fifth comment was from the certified account of Chuck, the Director of Chengyang Private Hospital. "Dude, I'm looking forward to your grand wedding."


The whole world had watched the proposal video. "Does it mean that he loves me dearly? This is so surreal." At this thought, Lola smiled sweetly.

Opening the bathroom door, Harry just saw Lola's sweet smile. He knew what that meant.

"What makes you so happy? I haven't seen you so happy like this in a very long time." Lola immediately turned off her phone as Harry was just walking over her. She quickly walked to the bathroom door just before Harry approached. "Nothing. I just want to take a shower."

She grinned sarcastically and entered the bathroom.

Harry snickered at her as she entered the bathroom. He flirtatiously knocked on the bathroom door. "Do you need my help? I know you do."

Lola replied in a loud voice, "No! And I mean it!" She tried so hard to resist the picture of Harry in her mind.

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