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   Chapter 265 What About the Lawsuit

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"Wow! Woah! Really? Say yes! Say yes now!"

"Miss Li, say yes to Mr. Si quickly! Come, on!" These were the screams from her colleagues. The scene was too shocking in a good way. The spectators looked so astonished and excited!

"Agree with him! Promise to be with him!" The people around her began to scream in unison, and Joseph whistled in his usual charming manner.

Listening to all the noise around her, Lola's aura began to glow, and she covered her mouth with excitement. Was she dreaming?

The man she had loved, waited, and missed for several years, and the same man who had to fight for custody for their daughter was actually proposing to her?

What about the lawsuit? All of these were very confusing to her.

The voices around her grew louder and louder, and Lola's tears started pouring down.

She bit her fingers, and pinched herself. She did this to convince herself that she was not just imagining. So, what she saw was real. Harry Si had just proposed to her!

After a long period of time, Lola looked at Harry. He was smiling in anticipation. She eventually calmed down and tried to control her emotions.

She wiped the tears, and then stubbornly opened her mouth to say, "No!" The sharp refusal hushed everyone into silence.

"You heard that right! I said no. I don't agree!" She refused several times as tears flowed to her cheeks. On what basis should she say yes to this? Everything was just so uncertain.

What about when she asked him to marry her? He refused her, right?

The people around him began to murmur, but Harry's face didn't change a bit. The woman he truly loved was quite unique. He knew that.

"Wow, you're right, Joey. This woman was really different. She refused without hesitation to such an awesome marriage proposal scene, and to such an awesome person who just proposed to her on one knee." Eason looked at the astounded Joey who was standing behind him.

Did Harry fall in love with a freak?

Samuel and the rest of the people just smiled. It was not surprising for them because they had seen Lola like this before. They knew her very well. If today, she suddenly agreed, then they would feel strange about it!

"You must promise!" Harry took her hand and shouted. He had decided that she was his woman and he would not let her go!

Lola sneered and looked at the man who was on his knee. "Mr. Si, today is the day we agreed to meet in t

r love! You've never been like this." What a joke! He was a lawyer. He can't do anything else more than that.

Jordan was wearing a smile all day and this was really rare for him. "Hurry and find a wife to show off in front of them! It's getting a bit envious now!" He remembered his little wife at home and suddenly wanted to go home. He missed her so much.

"You don't have to worry about Samuel. He has a foreign girl with him." Leaning against the chair, Eason lazily let out Samuel's secret.

Samuel gave him a hard cold look, "Hey, that's my personal private life. You have exposed my privacy. How can I punish you? Let me think."

He just drank a glass of wine with the foreign girl. How could he know so much?

Suddenly, the thought of Ella Bo flashed in his mind. Samuel quickly shook his head and forced himself to be sober.

"Mr. Shao, can you just not show off your knowledge about laws every time we get together at a party?" Eason stuck his finger in his ear to show his disbelief.

The waiter began to serve the food. The first one was a stewed millet with sea cucumber.

"Boss, hurry up! What a healthy dish!" Joey was almost moved to tears by his loyalty. Every time a dish was served, he would think about his boss first.

Harry smiled with sarcasm, stared at the dish, then looked at Jordan.

"For the happiness of our wives, let's do this together!"

Jordan looked at the dish, and he took three of the sea cucumbers to his plate. Joseph was shocked to see the sea cucumbers in his bowl, being gobbled down in just mere seconds. Married men were just unimaginable...

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