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   Chapter 264 Amazing Marriage Proposal

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There were also many onlookers and fans who had flocked around the entrance of the company. The security had no choice but to pull out the cordon. But there were still too many people, and the crowd was just getting bigger and bigger.

At that time, a whistling sound came from behind. There were several luxury cars. Everyone gave way for it to pass.

Then, six big red luxury cars lined up steadily in front of the SL Group.

The scene was unbelievable as nobody had seen a parade of luxury cars in this area.

"Wow! Maserati, Ferrari, Maybach, Pagani, Aston, and SSC! That is actually a red SSC!" The car fans immediately recognized the six global limited edition luxury cars.

The whole thing was surreal. Then, from the car, six men wearing sunglasses and six different colors of suits made their way to the gates. The elegance in the air was undeniable.

"Wow! What handsome men! Ahhh! I can't stand it! It's really melting my heart!", some girls near the scene shouted in admiration.

"Holy Christ! Joseph in a pink suit. Unbelievable! But who's in that red suit? Jordan was in a black suit, while Harry was clad in a white suit. Chuck came in a blue suit, and Eason was dressed in the gray suit. Oh, Jesus, the world's most handsome men are all here!"

Harry Si will propose for marriage and five charming men had come to assist him!

It was the first time they have seen such an amazing marriage proposal. And the man in the red suit was Joey! They thought Harry was really in love for him to exert such effort like this.

The six luxury cars' trunks opened at the same time and all the women screamed again in amazement!

There were three cars full of delicate red roses! While the other three cars were filled with gold-like objects that were shining beautifully in the sunshine.

However, some sharp-eyed person soon recognized it, as he leaned on the person next to him. With their legs trembling, they blurted out, "My God! They are... golden roses..."

Indeed! The remaining three trunks were all filled with roses made of pure gold!

Attractive men! Luxury cars! Golden roses! Red roses! The beautiful and luxurious scene was breathtaking!

Screams of romantic excitement followed one after another, and the bustling crowd was almost out of control.

Some bodyguards who entered the scene creatively arranged the golden roses and red roses into an imaginary shape of a heart right in front of the building.

"Are they shooting for a grand TV program that they need so many reporters and cameras? What will really happen here?"

"I don't know. Everyone came here, so we followed. It turned out we're right! I really can't believe this!"


right, sister. We are here now. You can open your eyes!"

Rubbing her uncomfortable eyes, Lola slightly opened her eyes, and immediately covered her mouth in fright. She was having an illusion and she saw Harry in it. Was she going crazy now?

Rubbing her eyes again, she opened her eyes widely this time, and Harry was still smiling warmly at her.

So strange...Did he come to bring her to court?

No! That was impossible. They were enemies, right? But... The ground where Harry was standing in the middle of was filled with roses! Were there golden... golden roses in the inner circle?

Also, why were many people around him? The five handsome men in different colors of suits were standing behind Harry. Next to them were luxury cars. What were they doing? This was really surreal!

Joseph and Jordan were among them. Why did they come here?

Lola was stupefied and dumbfounded. She did not know what to think of. Did a lawsuit really happen like this?

Harry, who was dressed in a white sophisticated suit, looked at her, who had rubbed her eyes three times and looked at everything around her in confusion.

Harry suddenly fell on his knee and took out a box in his pocket and opened it.

The spectators who had seen the box coming out from his suit began to scream again. The dazzling diamonds in the box were all dozens of carats! Even more dazzling and expensive than the golden roses!

"You ..." Lola's heartbeat soared after seeing the diamond ring!

Was he... Lola could not think clearly anymore. Her heart beat raced faster than before. This was like riding a roller coaster. She just wanted to close her eyes as her knees trembled and weakened.

"Lola Li, marry me!" The soft, sweet voice of Harry Si rang in the square, a few decibels higher than usual.

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