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   Chapter 263 Court Date

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As soon as she hang up the phone, Samuel finally couldn't help but laugh out loud. "You two are very interesting and strange! Your ex-wife said just now that she would continue to look for other lawyers unless you have bought over all the lawyers! That's not possible, though."

Harry didn't say anything when he heard that. Of course, Samuel knew that he was able to do something like that.

Then Samuel played enthusiastically with Nicole for a moment. Soon after, Harry held her in his arms and left Samuel's law office.

After hanging up with Samuel, Lola tried her best to refrain from swearing at Harry.

She wouldn't believe that no lawyer could take up her case and help her win it. After all, she was a wealthy woman, too.

But the truth was, she contacted more than ten lawyers, and her phone was hung up over and over again when the lawyers knew that the defendant was Harry Si. Harry was that powerful and influential.

Even worse, one of the lawyers asked her before hanging up, "Are you becoming a paranoid? Harry and your child?"

Ahhhhhhhh!!! Lola wanted to kill that lawyer. What's so wrong with her? Why was everybody taking the side of Harry?

In the afternoon, someone unexpectedly called and asked her if she was looking for a lawyer. She really did not expect this as she was already on the verge of giving up.

She immediately answered "yes", and to her surprise, this lawyer agreed to take up her case.

She was really not so sure, so she asked the law office's location and learned that it was in A Country. She did not wait anymore and quickly went there to check it out.

Although the office was not so big as Samuel's, it was not that small either.

So, the fight for Nicole between Harry and her was about to start. This would really happen!

She never expected that Harry would push her to this situation. If they went to court, it meant they were enemies already. Maybe, it would never be possible for them to get together anymore. Lola obviously had mixed feelings about this but when she thought of Nicole, she knew that this was the right thing to do.

Standing and holding the money in her hands, she felt her heart emotionally bleed when she thought of this.

After taking a deep breath, she paid off the fare and left the law office with the receipt.

She told her family nothing about this, as she didn't know how to say it without making the whole family worry about her.

So she chose to hide this from them until the day they find out about it thems

the court session opened tomorrow afternoon.

The problem was that she couldn't sleep at all. She still couldn't help bursting into tears while staring at the ceiling.

She was thinking of Nicole and Harry...

How did they get to this situation? She was so heartbroken. Nobody knew that she loved him so deeply. There was nothing in this world that she would do just to be in his arms.

But for Nicole, she had to give up on him. Her daughter should be her topmost priority.

The next morning.

As the court session would be opened in the afternoon, Lola went to the company first.

She made up her mind as she stood in the empty and large office. No matter what happened this afternoon, even if she won the case, she wouldn't stay in SL group anymore...

If she won, she would go to A Country with Nicole, run a coffee shop and have a peaceful life.

If she lost the case... She... She couldn't imagine life without her daughter...

Her tears shed onto the A4 size paper on the desk, as she became so stricken with pain and fear.

Nicole was a part of her, the baby she risked her life for...

She now regretted hiding the truth from Harry. That terrible man! If she could start over again, she would tell him the whole thing. Maybe they didn't need to be in where they were right now. Only if she could turn back time...

At 1:00 pm in SL Group, A Country

The media and the reporters had been waiting for a long time at the gates of SL Group. They had been told that Mr. Si would do something big here.

Something big? The reporters actually didn't know even a bit of it, so they were here to check it out. Everybody was in for a grand surprise.

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