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   Chapter 262 Say Hello to Your Father

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Hearing this, Harry sneered. How could Lola be so childish? Why couldn't she understand what was happening? She thought she could get Nicole back by going to court? She stood no chance. She was too naive…

"As you like."

Lola and Harry parted in displeasure. Lola rubbed her painful temples. She didn't know why they had come to this. It was just like yesterday that they were so in love. Now they were enemies...

She knew well that if she went to court, it would be a complete joke in A Country. Harry was a very powerful man.

However, she had to give it a try to get Nicole back.

Samuel, who she once met at Harry's office, was an internationally renowned lawyer. He seemed to be a good friend and partner of Harry. Lola thought of getting him to her side. "Can I count on him?

Anyway, I have to give it a try." Lola pondered with anxiety.

In Samuel's Law Firm in C Country.

The towering office building stood not far from the SL Group office. Harry took Nicole with him. She just woke up and was still feeling a bit sleepy. They came to the office of Samuel without informing Samuel in advance.

Surprised, Samuel rubbed his eyes and decided that the man in front of him was really Harry Si.

It had been a long time since they last saw each other. Harry had come with a little girl. Who was this girl?

He heard that Harry has been taking care of a little girl recently, but he didn't take it seriously. Now he saw them with his own eyes.

Moreover, Harry didn't invite his friends to his wedding some time ago. It was said that the wedding was actually cancelled. He wanted to ask Harry about it but never had the chance to.

"Boss Si, who is the little girl?" Samuel took off his glasses with the gold rims, placed it on the desk and walked over to them.

Harry glanced at him and smiled at Nicole. "Sweetheart, say hello to your father."

What? Samuel looked strange. It must be a joke.

... No! They had promised each other once that all of them would be the sworn father of their children. "So this girl is Harr

didn't want to get himself in this trouble. He had no idea why they had to go to court.

Hearing what he said, Lola instantly understood what he meant. Harry was able to come to Samuel first. She thought, "How stupid I am! I shouldn't have called him as he and Harry are good friends."

"How much did he offer? I'll double the price! Please, Samuel." She still didn't want to give up. Nicole was at stake on this. Surely, there were other outstanding lawyers, but Samuel was just the best. He was the best closer in town.

Samuel put his hand over the mouthpiece and deliberately said to Harry, "She has doubled your price."

Harry glanced at him and calmly sipped on his tea. "Tell her I offered you 10 billion."

Samuel silently looked at the very calm Harry. If only he really offered 10 billion. In fact, it was a piece of cake for him. 10 billion was nothing for a wealthy man like Harry.

"Miss Li, Boss Si offered 10 billion. If you offer 20 billion, I'll think about it."

10 billion! Lola surely believed that the very wealthy Harry Si could offer such a generous price. However, she was not a fool. She instantly knew what happened.

Harry must have asked Samuel not to take her case.

If so, what else could she say? She thought about it for a while. "Please tell Harry he can buy off all the lawyers if he wants, but I will never give up!"

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