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   Chapter 261 I'm Gonna Marry You

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Looking at the people around the bed obviously concerned about her, Lola was so moved that she became teary-eyed.

The thought that many people cared about her made her feel so happy.

"Grandpa, I'm fine now. There's really nothing to worry about." The needle on her arm has been removed and Lola sat up from the bed easily.

She still did not see Harry. Was he already gone? Even a minute without him caused her sadness...

Looking at her daughter trying to find something in the ward, Angie immediately knew what she was thinking.

"Stop searching for him. He already left this morning."

... Lola glanced at everyone with embarrassment. Was she so obvious?

But, it really annoyed her that Harry left without telling her!

As soon as she was out of the hospital, Lola immediately went to the company despite her family's opposite views.

Work had accumulated a lot recently and she had to go back to the office to deal with it.

She would just combine work and rest and get off work early.

As she arrived at the company, everyone immediately greeted her happily.

There were also colleagues who were concerned about her and asked her if she was still sick. She responded to them with a smile.

When she entered the office, she saw the folders on her desk in an alphabetical order.

She randomly opened one of them and found that it had been read. It also was with a note in it written by Harry, listing detailed deficiencies and suggestions.


Lola was moved again. When did he finish dealing with such thick folders for her?

Was it when she was sleeping yesterday? That meant he did not have any rest...

She had to think more about Harry. When he was bad, he could abandon her in the rain and leave her alone.

When he was good, he was so sweet to her and caring! She could not understand this man...

She took out her phone and dialed his number.

Fortunately, it was connected in just mere seconds.

Harry's tired voice came from the other side of the phone.

"What's wrong?"

He sounded so tired. Did he take a rest? It was all because of her. She felt so guilty...




The atmosphere seemed to be back to last night. The two people who couldn't see e

feel guilty at that?" He coldly questioned her.

In particular, this was her fault. Did she really know how to seriously take care of Nicole?

After listening to Harry's question, Lola felt a little guilty. How could she not be? However, it was he that should be blamed for everything! This would not happen if only they did not break up.

She grunted, "For the sake of fairness, we will both take care of Nicole in turns!"

Her words made Harry very dissatisfied. What she wanted was only Nicole? Not him?

"You think too much. I don't deprive you of visiting her, right? You will see Nicole once a month. That's it." He knew she wouldn't agree with that.

Lola opened her eyes widely. "Once a month? Harry Si, I am the one who gave Nicole birth and I am her mother! Don't you think that you have gone too far? You're absurd!" Ignoring his dramatic words completely, Lola exploded again.

"First, Nicole's surname is Si. Second, it's true that you are her mother. And I am her father too. The kid did not know her father for more than four years. I think it's you that have gone too far." The man's emotionless words made Lola speechless.

All right! "Then, are you just going to take Nicole from me?"

Lola tightened her clothes and hoped that the man would not answer yes, but...

"Yes!" His simple answer interrupted her thinking.

That single word made Lola's face pale. It seemed that they were to be against each other?

"Then, Mr. Si, I'll see you on court!"

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