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   Chapter 260 Have Yet Reached a Consensus

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Harry prepared her a bowl of healthy porridge sent by the family nanny and immediately went back to her.

"How did you know I have a fever?" Looking at him coming closer, Lola asked in a curious tone.

Harry stirred the porridge in the bowl and took a look at her. "The whole company knows."

... Seriously? Maybe it was because she had fainted. It would create too much concern, of course.

"Open your mouth. You need to eat this first." He sat on the edge of the bed and blew the porridge on the spoon so it would cool off a bit. Then he placed it by the side of her mouth.

Lola opened her mouth and obediently ate the porridge. "Where is my daughter?"

Harry fed her another spoonful and reassured her, "My daughter is with her grandparents. She's the least of your concern right now."

They had yet to reach a consensus on the matter of Nicole. He said that Nicole was his daughter and she also protests that Nicole was her daughter. Nobody seemed to back down.

Lola twitched her mouth in discontent and took another spoonful of porridge. "I'm sick, and you're still taking away my daughter from me." The woman stared at the man pitifully.

Harry didn't look at her eyes at all and just said coldly, "You're not going to die yet! Stop overreacting."


Hearing what he said, she really wanted to take the broom and drive him away with it.

"You don't need to feel bad for me. But why do you talk to me like that? You're inconsiderate of my feelings. Get out of here!" With tears in her eyes, Lola started to make a scene by looking helpless.

She knew that Harry would always yield to a weaker person and not to the strong and powerful. She needed to conform to his ideas to make him happy. She had to pretend like she was helpless or the big guy would not show any care for her.

Harry was heartbroken when she saw her eyes full of tears. He put down the bowl in his hand and wiped away her tears.

"Stop crying! You're an adult! Even my daughter is stronger than you." It was true. He had never seen Nicole crying like this.

This woman must be made of water. Her tears just kept on flowing!

It was not because she was made of water, but because she was once

r nothing and could put aside all the unhappiness as long as she could stay with him.

"Harry." Lola made a gentle sound.

"Yes?" His lovely voice instantly seduced her.

"Harry." She said his name again, this time in a softer tone.

"Yes?" He answered patiently. Their hearts were beating faster now.

"Harry." She would like to say his name like this for a lifetime...

"Yes?" He wouldn't let her go. She could only be his from now on.

They murmured and moaned all night. The sweet and happy feeling filled the air.

As long as they were together, happiness would be easy to come by.

As long as they were together, even silence would be sweet and comforting.

As long as they were together, there would be the taste of love at every moment.


In the next morning.

Lola woke up just when the head doctor was just finishing his rounds of the wards.

Her body temperature has returned to normal and she was allowed to be discharged from the hospital if she wanted to.

In addition to the medical personnel, Landon, Harold and Wendy were also in the ward.

But Harry was not here. He was nowhere to see.

All of them were relieved when they heard what the doctor said.

Everyone gathered and surrounded her when she woke up.

"Are you OK, sweetheart?" Landon looked at Lola with concern, for fear that she would feel sick again. She had been too stressed with everything that was going on, and he knew just what she needed.

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