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   Chapter 259 Showed His Anxiety on His Face

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They exchanged greetings with each other, then began to talk about the cooperation.

The meeting went on for two hours before they walked out of the conference room. Julie sent the client out first.

Lola was feeling very dizzy and bent over the office table. She decided to buy some medicine from drugstore later.

After sending the client off, Julie immediately came back and saw Lola bending over the table. She became so worried and asked, "Miss. Li, are you OK?" Her face was very red when she entered the conference room. And now it was still very red. It was very unusual. She must be feeling off today.

Lola couldn't even raise her head, but she still managed to shake her head and answer. "I'm okay. I only feel a little dizzy. I will buy some medicine from the drugstore later. Don't worry about me, though."

She tried very hard to sit up straight. It seemed like the pain has flowed through her neck and back. She gathered her papers, held them in her arms and stood up from the chair.

But she felt so weak that all the papers dropped on the ground. She felt her legs weaken. Then suddenly, darkness came to her eyes and she fainted.

Julie was so scared and constantly called Lola's name, trying to elicit any response from her. She was so nervous and she went out to ask a colleague's help. They sent her directly to the hospital.

The news that Lola has fainted at the company spread quickly.

This news also reached the office's WeChat groups just when Lola was sent to the hospital.

Joey found out that everybody was talking about Lola. He felt curious and he checked the chat logs quickly.

Then he hurried to the CEO office. Harry was talking on the phone. He frowned when Joey rushed in. He did not want to be interrupted.

Joey realized that he forcefully pushed the office door and rushed in when he saw dissatisfaction in Harry's eyes. He did not ask for Harry's permission.

He stood still immediately and fixed his clothes in embarrassment.

"Well, I have always put emphasis on our cooperation." Harry committed to his cooperative partner on the phone.

Then Joey abruptly checked the chat logs and put the most important sentence in the middle of the screen so his boss could see clearly. Then he handed it to Harry.

Within five seconds, Harry said, "Well, Mr. Dai, I will contact with you in a few days for I have to handle some emergency circumstances now." Then he hung up the phone.

"What's the matter?" He stared at the sentence on Joey's phone: Big news h

e shirt walked out.

Lola couldn't believe that she could see Harry through her very eyes. She might just be hallucinating. Otherwise, how could she see this man who should be in C Country right now?

Closing her eyes again, she opened it again, and saw that he was looking at her in the eye.

She blinked again, and saw that Harry has walked closer to the bed.

"Don't close your eyes again. It's me. You are seeing it right." He stood at the side of the bed, and lovingly looked at Lola who was still blinking from time to time.

Well...... She should be in a hospital. Lola looked at the drip bottle and asked, "What happened to me?"

What? "You don't know? You were very sick, and you don't know?" His facial expression became a little cold. He really wanted to slap her to give her a piece of his mind.

Why she could not ask this question? She was really confused. Lola was dumbfounded and just stared at his angry face. Then she heard him saying, "You have a high fever of about 41℃. You fainted in the office. Lola, are you as stupid as a pig?" She, who was nearly 30 years old, could let herself have a high fever of about 41℃ and do nothing about it! How could she be so stupid?

What? Lola became so worried when she heard this.

No wonder she felt so uncomfortable when she woke up in the morning. She thought she only had a cold. She didn't pay attention to it.

Thinking of this, she looked at him and replied, "How could you treat me so bad now? Stop blaming me. I'm ill!"

Hearing this, Harry looked at her helpless face, and withdrew his anger.

Then he helped her sit up and lean back on the bed. After that, he walked towards the table nearby.

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