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   Chapter 258 I'm Already Bound to Him

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In D City.

As soon as they were off from work, all members of the periodical office immediately walked out of the building.

A dazzling yellow Maserati sports car stopped at the door of the periodical office, attracting the attention of many people.

The man in the car wearing sunglasses was staring at the gates. He looked really charming and rich.

Half an hour later, a tall woman, dressed in a long and floral dress, came out with her long hair beautifully flowing through her shoulders.

The man wearing sunglasses quickly opened the door and walked straight towards her.

He pulled her wrist to force her to come closer.

She was ready to scream, but when she saw the familiar pink suit, she managed to hold back.

She was pulled all the way to the sports car. Joseph tried to force her into the back seat, and then sat in the driver's seat and drove away.

The car galloped all the way to the main road. The two people inside were so silent that the atmosphere was kind of awkward and uncomfortable.

Just when they were in front of the apartment, Joseph immediately stopped and kicked in the brakes, creating a noise in the quiet night.

Neither of them got off the car, nor did they open the lights in the car. They just sat there in total silence.

After a long time, Lillian looked outside the car and softly said, "Joseph, I've already said it very clearly. What are you doing? What's the matter?" Being intimate to Harry and marrying him was her only way out now.

Joseph grunted loudly, "Shut up!" He didn't want Lillian to talk about it. It really made him feel low of himself.

She looked at him and was shocked. He had never looked like this. He had been around her like a younger brother. Often, he was very cute and amusing. He was always making her happy.

"Lillian, that man is my ex brother-in-law, my sister's ex-husband. Can you please draw yourself away from them?" Joseph's hands tightly held the steering wheel and the sunglasses covered the emotions in his eyes.

Draw herself away from them? As a matter of fact, she really did not want to do this. "If I marry him, I will be good to your little niece. I'll treat her well." She only met Nicole once. That lovely girl was really an adorable child.

Many people in C Country now knew that Harry has a little princess

her. What was she doing? He began to feel a bit lonely.

Lola had fallen asleep a long time now, but Harry was still watching his cell phone, waiting desperately for her reply.


It was not until one o'clock in the morning that Harry rubbed his tired eyes and looked at the WeChat on his mobile phone again. There was no reply, and he guessed that she already fell asleep.

"How dare she go to sleep without replying to him first! Lola, I will remember this moment!" Harry thought.

He found a small notebook to record all the things she did that made him unhappy. When they are together, she will pay for all of it ......

It was already past eight in the morning when Lola woke up. How many times did the alarm go off? She was not bothered even a little bit! She must be so tired.

When she got out of bed, she felt a bit dizzy and light-headed. She immediately laid on the bed again.

She rubbed her painful temple and felt something wrong. It was like a cold fever.

However, she didn't think much about it. She can't skip work today. "Using cold water to wash my face will make me feel much better.", she thought and reassured herself.

It was nine o'clock when Lola arrived at the company.

Today's appointment of a customer was of utmost importance. She tried hard to resist the severe discomfort caused by the cold and rushed to the conference room with the folders in her hands.

When she arrived, the customer was already waiting for her. It was fortunate that she had a good receptionist in the office. It was Julie.

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