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   Chapter 257 How Many Banks does This Guy Own

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When Lola finally woke up, she found herself again on a plane flying to A Country. She had been on this occasion for two times.

Even Lola herself was confused at this. Did she really sleep so soundly that she felt nothing when Harry dressed her and carried her out of the manor? Or maybe it was because Harry looked after her in a very gentle way.

The plane landed on the backyard of the Li villa, where Lola got off with her legs already shivering.

She endured the pain and didn't go to the hospital yesterday. The pain seemed to be getting worse today, so she went directly to the garage and drove to the hospital at once after she got off the plane. She was bracing for the worst...


She registered and asked for a specialist treatment, paid the medical expenses, and went back to the company.

Lola sat in the deputy CEO office, and tried to refresh herself by closing her eyes. After a few minutes, she took out her phone, took a photo of her medical record and sent it to Harry. She was gnashing her teeth in anxiety.

"Harry! You must reimburse ten times the medical expenses!"

In mere seconds, her phone received a message. It indicated that Harry had transferred 50 million dollars to her......

What? Wow! The medical expenses only cost her 500 dollars. She just teased him into paying ten times the original amount and that would just cost 5, 000 dollars. But he gave her 50 million dollars instead! How many banks does this guy own?

It was such a large amount of money that she can squander the money for many years even if she does not go to work.

However, her melting heart calmed down when she remember that Harry gave her a shock yesterday at the meeting. He straight up embarrassed her.

Sitting up straight, Lola called Leo on the internal line, "Please ask Joshua from the Design Department to come to my office!"

She would solve the recent three problems one by one. She hoped to finish and solve these issues today.

She felt guilty of it because she thought that she was a bit negligent of the happenings around her.

She determined to rectify the company's ethos and punish the black sheep.

Joshua came over right away. It seemed like he was in a bad mood.

"Miss Li!" Joshua greeted Lola politely as he knew clearly about the reason why Lola called him in.

A funny person suddenly became so courteous. Lola felt a little unaccustomed about this version of Joshua.

"Have a s

olleagues, please give me a few minutes of your attention. Recently, there was a rumor that Joshua from the Design Department stole drafts from the company. I hope everyone will not discuss it again and mind your own business. The truth will eventually come to light since I will let the police intervene to investigate this matter. Otherwise, you will have the same result as Chris Dong......"

Lola's voice sounded oddly resonant in the room. Everybody adored her for her confidence and nobleness.

What a heroine she was! No wonder Mr. Si married her. But why did they break up? How come he gave up such a charming lady? Everyone was puzzled.

Lola also gave a great deal of encouragement to them. After that, the design department greeted her with enthusiastic applause.

As soon as she was back from the design department, Lola called in the head of the financial department and the personnel department manager respectively, made a corresponding punishment, and let the secretary post an announcement.

Lola never dealt with the employees in person before. This time, she decided to personally handle the issue in front of them. She solved the issues properly without any mercy and restraint.

The colleagues talked about Lola for the whole day. They thought that she looked dignified and respectable just like Mr. Si. They understood that they must behave well under Lola's eyes from now on.

In fact, Lola dealt with these matters in accordance with Harry's advice because she thought it was very efficient.

Maybe that was why people found Harry's style in her actions. She might thank him for this some other time.

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