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   Chapter 256 Manipulate Each Other

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Harry suddenly turned around and looked right through her eyes. "How about you become my wife again?"

Again? Was this for real? Lola was stupefied as what he meant was... They would remarry?? Looking at his eyes, she thought that this could be a trick all over again.

But the last time she proposed to him, he refused, right? So she blurted, "No!" She refused straightforwardly.

The man's face darkened. "Lola, that's just awful! That's stupid of you!"

Then he sat up again, lazily leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes so that Lola could not see the emotions in his eyes. He was hurt.

She's stupid? Lola pursed her lips. It was him who was really stupid!

She had proposed to him and he said no. Of course, she would not just believe that what he says right now is true. Apart from the ring, the most important thing would be sincerity, right?

Didn't he refuse as well? Shame on him by saying how stupid she was!

"Mr. Si, you're the one who started this. You are the one who acts stupid."

He still didn't open his eyes, but grasped her small hands and enveloped it intensely with his big palm.

It could have been a romantic scene, but Harry intensified his grip, and Lola began to scream, "Ouch, ouch!!"

Nicole, who was playing with some toys beside them, looked at them strangely. She immediately said, "Daddy, don't hit Mommy."

She thought Mommy was screaming because Daddy was beating her.

Hearing what Nicole has said, Harry relaxed his hand a little, and rubbed her aching little hand.

The woman looked at him silently. Is this the so-called "slap and kiss?"

Just at that very moment, there was a knock on the door of the room, and Harry said in a faint voice, "Come in."

Then the manager came in with several waiters behind him. They started serving.

This first dish was Nicole's favorite fried silver carp. The shrimps and the fish dishes were served afterwards.

Just like before, the mother and the daughter enjoyed eating together.

The dinner ended before 8 PM. They went back to the Lamborghini, and Harry drove the car out of the parking lot.

Lola was caressing the hair of her daughter. She was really reluctant to leave. Then she said to Harry, "You leave me at the front crossing of the road. I'll ta

n could she and Harry really be together? Secretly, she desired for a life that there's just two of them, living a simple and peaceful life.

Just like in Echo Bay, she really missed the quiet days there.

The night was getting deeper and it was time to go to bed.

Harry let Nicole continue to sit on his neck, carrying her to the bedroom on the second floor.

Nicole was very happy today because both mommy and daddy helped to take a shower.

When the story time came, she enjoyed it so much because both of them were on her sides.

The little girl, who was still laughing and giggling at the story, quickly fell asleep.

Seeing that her daughter has fallen sleep, Lola was ready to go to the bathroom to gather the toys she scattered.

As soon as she entered the bathroom and started to clean the place, Harry followed her inside.

"Do you want to use the bathroom?" She held two small yellow rubber ducks in her hands and asked the man curiously.

Harry looked at Lola shutting the bathroom door. "You just said that you were afraid of being caught by Lillian?"

Lola looked at the man who was getting closer to him. She was a little dumbfounded. Was he going to blame her?

"No, no. Forget about it. I said nothing." She slowly moved back.

"I won't forget that. I won't let her catch us. Don't worry." Then he rushed over and turned her over so she could see the beautiful view of the sea by the window.

Harry covered her protesting mouth and did whatever he liked behind her back.

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