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   Chapter 255 My Daughter's Chauffeur

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"Okay, Daddy will be with you."

"Daddy, I want to ride the Ferris Wheel too!"

"So do daddy!" Harry answered in a very happy tone. Seeing his daughter being so passionate about this, he thought it was necessary to build an amusement park right inside the manor. This will have all kinds of recreation facilities for her to use whenever she wants.

At six thirty.

After waiting for a while by the gates of the hotel, Lola saw a black Lamborghini steadily stopped in front of her.

Harry, who was on the driver eat, pressed the button of the rear seat window. A warm little cute face appeared. It was Nicole, who excitedly asked, "Mommy, get in and sit with me! Come on!"

Looking at the luxurious Lamborghini, Lola let out a sigh of surprise that Harry even prepared a car that was worth tens of millions of dollars for the chauffeur. How rich and generous he was!

Nicole kept urging her to get in. She gave a warm smile to Nicole and then got in from the other side of the car.

"Sweetheart, what do you want to eat besides pizza?", Lola gently asked Nicole. Lola closed the door and put all her attention on her daughter, completely ignoring the man on the driver seat.

Nicole thought for a moment and said, "Mommy, I don't want to have pizza now." She said this because Harry suggested to eat seafood that her mommy loved so much. This night was really for her mommy.

"Well, my daughter really has the mind of a woman.", thought Lola. She smiled at her child and then remembered something. "Okay. Let's go!" Somehow, she felt a bit strange. This seemed familiar...

"Goody! I'm going to have a seafood feast!" Sitting in the child's chair, Nicole cheered and posed like a superman.

Lola was amused by her innocence. "Okay, okay, let's go for a seafood dinner now!" However, she did not know where they could have a delicious seafood in C Country. She was not that familiar in this area. She decided to ask the chauffeur, whose first name seemed to be Tian.

"Okay, mommy!" Nicole kissed Lola on her neck.

Lola pleasurably rubbed the little head of Nicole, looked at the man in front of them and asked, "Mr. Tian, would you please send us to a well-known seafood restaurant? Thank you." Wait a second! Why did the chauffeur seem so familiar to her?

Curiosity drove her to move closer to see the face clearly. What? It was Harry! Unbelievable!


Holy cow!

What silly tricks was he playing right now? Silently being a chauffeur?

Noticing Nicole giggling with her hand covering her mouth, she suddenly understood what was going on. Her daughter had also played tricks on her! "Nicole!" She called her daughter in a very deep voice.

Both of them had tricked her out!

Nicole immediately explained, "It's not me! Not me!" Nicole cleverly disassociated herself from the

sat back in her chair, looked at the blushing face as if it was the New World she had just discovered. She had never seen Harry this embarrassed! "Oh, my! Mr. Si, you are blushing!"

...... Harry cast a warning eye on her, but she was not threatened by it because she knew his mannerisms too well: he just pretended to be cool at her playful tease, so he could hide his embarrassment. Lola thought Harry was so cute and she was giggling like a little girl as she went to the bathroom. Suddenly, feelings of fondness filled her heart.

When came back from the bathroom, she saw Harry playing and laughing with Nicole.

She enviously watched this scene of love. How happy it was for them to be together. If only she could freeze this moment, and they could stay together forever!

At that moment, she also forgot how annoyed she was at Harry. She wanted to give her undivided attention to her daughter and...... the man who once belonged to her.

When Lola sat back in her seat, Harry put his palm on her neck, pulled her head towards him and kissed her softly.

Nicole saw this and giggled next to them. "Boy kisses a girl. Shameful, shameful!"

Lola slightly pushed Harry away with her face obviously blushing. "Nicole is here. She can't see what we are doing."

Hearing this, Harry teased Lola more. "So I can do everything to you if Nicole is not here, right?"


Lola seductively stared at him and asked accusingly, "You are the boss. You can have many mistresses if you want. I'm just your ex-wife and I don't believe that you really care about me!"

Thinking about those women, she became so jealous again. Her heart become sour as if a vinegar jar was split inside.

"Why are you so attractive and all women want to seduce you? Why do they all give you the chance to flirt with them?" Lola wondered and secretly wished Harry Si was all hers.

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