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   Chapter 254 Punish Her as a Warning to Others

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Lola's words made him speechless. He couldn't say anything to defend himself because he would never tell her that those women were just there to anger her.

So, Harry bowed down to her and put a finger on Lola's red lips. He wanted to stifle all her complaints and dissatisfaction.

He held her like he was holding a princess in his arms and took her into the lounge regardless of her struggles to break free...

1 pm, in the restroom of CEO office.

Lola arched her back and held the basin with her arms. Her hair was in a mess. Her face looked pale, as she had endured all kinds of pains.

All she was thinking about was to drag that man to feed him to the ligers. Such a terrible person should be living with all kinds of beasts.

She slowly breathed a sigh of relief as she fixed her messy hair. She regained her composure and walked out of the restroom.

Harry was already sitting on his office chair as he was calmly looking at her.

Lola bit her underlip, took her own stuff and was about to leave. She did not look at him.

"Stop!" His chilly voice rang at her back.

Lola involuntarily stopped and then heard him saying, "Are you ignoring me? Lola? You didn't even look at me once." A warning again!

"Harry! You son of a bitch! You are flirting with so many women, and yet, you are still torturing me here! Were you a monk in your previous life? Is this something that you have really longed for?" She turned back and sternly asked him. She didn't care what she looked like now.

How could he treat her like this?

The man looked at her in silence. She continued to complain, "Who knows whether your women have any contagious diseases! You don't care, but I do!"

After Harry heard that, his pupils rapidly contracted and a slashing flash was shot from his eyes. Lola was terrified.

But after she tucked her neck, she continued to say her last words, "Don't dare to touch me again, or I will call the police !"

The man rose from his chair and approached her arrogantly like a king. Lola was terrified and instantly pulled the door open, fled outside the office. She did not even think how she looked like.

"Bam!" The office door slapped shut.

Outside Harry's office, the staff in the secretary division he

rting to her wounded heart.

"Mommy, I'm hungry. I want to eat pizza. Take me to a pizza place, please?" Actually, Harry asked Nicole to call Lola and say that.

Hungry? "Nobody is cooking for you right now?" She asked in a very worried tone.

Nicole shook her head. "I don't want to eat the dinner made by Mrs. Du. I want to eat pizza." After Nicole said that, a smile appeared on the face of the man beside Nicole.

His Nicole was doing really great!

Of course, Lola would not refuse her daughter. But before answering her, she asked, "Where is your Daddy?" She didn't want to see that bad man.

Nicole hesitated and said, "He is not here. Maybe he is still at work." But the truth was, Harry was already at home.

So Lola thought Harry was still at the company. She gladly replied, "Ask the driver to send you to the hotel. I will wait for you at the gate." She had met the driver in Harry's manor twice. He was very nice.

"OK!" Nicole hung up the phone and trotted as she threw herself into the arms of Harry.

"Daddy, it's all fixed up. Mommy said yes." She looked at Harry happily. Harry lovingly held his daughter and kissed her in the cheek.

The they walked upstairs. "My Nicole is really the best! Daddy will take you to the entertainment park, okay? That's your reward!" To see the happy face of his daughter everyday was already a priceless reward for him.

Nicole clapped her hands in excitement and glee. "Oh, yeah, yeah. I want to ride the pirate ship, please!"

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