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   Chapter 253 Taking Care of Your Image

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"Miss Li, don't let me say this twice!" His tone was very cold and stern. He was watching her with danger in his eyes.

Lola just stood in silence. If she followed him to his office, could there be any chance that she can explain her side? Ho-ho. Harry was someone of sole authority.

"Mr. Si, there is no way you can get everything. Since you already have a woman, please don't provoke other people and destroy their lives!" As nobody was around, Lola was not worried of being overheard.

Harry went a few steps forward, and Lola also immediately backed down a few while wearily looking at the man approaching her. She was kind of tired of all these.

"Miss Li, what are you afraid of?" He took a few steps forward again, as she was trying to go backward. She was already leaning on the wall. She was pinned.

Nervously, she took a deep breath. "Nothing. If Mr. Si has anything to say, then I'll go to your office." Her voice was trembling. She surrendered to him. She was not sure whether Harry would try to strangle her. She was doing this only for safety.

Harry pursed his lips and led the way to his office.

But he had no idea that Lola wished to kick him and let him tumble down the stairs. How could such a cruel bastard exist in this world? He had all kinds of beautiful women at his hands, but he was still scheming bad things for his ex-wife.

In the CEO Office

Knowing that she was in a dangerous place, Lola didn't want to think more. After all, she knew what was going to happen if she retaliated.

A file was threw on the desk beside Lola. "See what your subordinates had done, and you, as the acting CEO, was kept from knowing anything!"

The man arrogantly sat down on the sofa, his two long legs twisting together and his two arms stretching on the back.

Lola took the file with doubt in her eyes. Joshua, who in the design department, stole the design blueprint and sold it to others! The picture of the transaction as well as the surveillance were very clear. It was Joshua for sure. She couldn't believe it!

Susan Du, the HR manager, also took bribes from the employees and had self-willingly adjusted the promotion and demotion of these people.

And the director of the accounting department took the overtime wage into her own pocket......

The evidences followed one after another and she was all convinced. But, about Joshua, she couldn't believe... He was such a nice and honest person. "Jo

sn't this the business of the financial department? How come that she was involved?

"Mr. Si, I..."

Suddenly, the man put his hand on her face lifted her chin to force her to look at him. They stared at each other's eyes.

Her little hands instantly grabbed his hand to push him away. But he tightened his grip even more. She couldn't do anything now.

"Lola, you dare to buy clothes for another man and hug each other behind my back! You are my daughter's mother, for God's sake!" He said this while clenching his teeth in bitter hatred. Lola was dumbfounded.

How could he know? Was it because... A thought flashed in her mind, and she knew that the annoying Yolanda told everything to him.

Was she too happy these days? It didn't bother her to find something to cause trouble to Lola.

And the hug? "When did I embrace with Herren?" Confused, she looked blankly at him.

"And the most important thing is...what does it matter to you, anyway?"

He, himself, was hitching with other girls. How could he criticize her and control her emotions and actions?

The man sneered in disgust. "You are the mother of my daughter so you must watch your image!" His reason of the right and wrong nearly made Lola crazy.

How could there be such an unreasonable man in this world?

"Okay. I'm the mother of your daughter, but you are the father of my daughter too! How come I don't see you taking care of your image?" She returned the statement to him. She just couldn't predict this guy! While the magistrate were free to burn down houses, the common people were forbidden to light lamps! The world was really unfair.

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