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   Chapter 252 A Military Salute

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So, how could he and Lola rekindle their love?

As he pulled the sleeves off his wrist, he looked at his crystal watch. He stared at it and remembered that he didn't see the watch on Lola's wrist just now.

He would let her off tonight. There would be plenty of time for them to spend together. He would make quality time with her in the future.

At seven o'clock in the morning.

Lola was still a bit dizzy. She turned off the alarm clock and got up. She looked around the presidential suite bewildered as she suddenly remembered that she had to attend a meeting today.

She walked into bathroom immediately and quickly took a shower. Then she prepared something to eat for breakfast and hurried to the corporate headquarters.

Getting off the taxi, Lola looked at the soaring skyscraper. It was unique in form and was strategically located in the downtown area. It was the building of the SL Group. It had more than a hundred stories.

She was amazed at how wealthy Harry was. He was really a financially sound and strong man. But when she thought about what happened last night, she shook her head and got rid of these thoughts.

Lola was wearing a white pantsuit and a pair of white high-heeled shoes. She looked so decisive, professional and elegant. She was so sophisticated.

The receptionist immediately recognized her as soon as she entered the office.

"Good morning, Miss Li." The receptionist greeted her in a very polite tone. She heard that Lola was not only an acting CEO, but also Mr. Si's ex-wife. There were lots of rumors going around.

Lola slightly raised her head and responded, "Good morning. What floor is the conference room on?"

Looking at Lola's charming smile, the receptionist was immediately obsessed with it. She can't help but to return a smile.

Lola was really beautiful. No wonder she was Harry's wife before.

"Hello?" Lola stared at the receptionist who seemed like she was in a daze of curiosity. Well, Lola had always received responses like this. It should have something to do with her looks...

The receptionist regained her composure and answered, "Sorry, Miss. Li. It's on the 18th floor."

Lola nodded and tried to remain expressionless. Then she walked towards the elevator.

There stood a few people in front of the elevator. They were also acting CEOs of other companies, and she only met them when they had video conferences with Harry.

They greeted her immediately when they saw her. "Are you Miss Li of A Country? I have heard a lot about you." A man in


"Miss Li, if you're not leaving for a while, please follow me to my office and analyze the mistakes you had made. Thank you." Harry stared at her back.

Lola took a deep breath and looked back. "Mr. Si, I have something to......"

Harry interrupted her and gave her no chance to speak. "You can handle your own things in the afternoon. But right now, we need to solve the problems happening in A Country." After hearing this, other CEOs probably understood what Harry means.

They all said goodbye to Harry, and left in a hurry.

They all looked at Lola with a certain meaning, and this made her feel really uncomfortable. Harry had been causing big troubles for her.

"Mr. Si, I don't think that something disastrous has happened in A Country. You have been mistaken." She just looked at him expressionlessly and said this in an unfriendly way.

"What happened was not the point. The point is to give everyone a stern warning. I want them to be on alert at all times." He looked at her in the eyes. He could feel that she has been becoming more and more beautiful as time passes by. He kind of missed her too.

When she heard this, Lola showed a sarcastic smile. "If Mr. Si still insists on making trouble for me, I have no alternative but to accept it." What happened was not the point? What did he mean by this? He deliberately wanted to punish and embarrass her.

She really couldn't stand this man. He did not want her to remain in the position. Maybe... He was too impatient and did not want to wait to throw her out. Maybe he wanted to promote his girl to this position.

Right! Lillian wanted to take her position. And she was a fool to just let her swoop in.

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