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   Chapter 251 It’s Mother’s Order

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It was really Jordan. "Why on earth was he in my house?" Wendy wondered. Wendy immediately put on a stern and cold expression. "What are you doing here?"

Jordan took off his military jacket, showing his muscular chiseled chest that even the vest couldn't cover.

Wendy blushed at the sight of this. "Get out." Not wanting to see him at all, she pointed at the door. The truth was, she wanted him by her side but she thought she was not ready if he would hurt her again.

Jordan ignored her and walked a few steps forward. After a while, he stood still at the bedside.

Wendy pulled the blanket to cover herself. She was like a child covered in a blanket. But she has always slept naked and she didn't want him to see.

Jordan took a close look at her and then turned around to walk towards the bathroom.

Wendy quickly put on her pajamas.

However, it didn't work. If he really wanted to do something, she knew that she couldn't resist.

"Forget it. I'd better sleep first. After I fall asleep, he can't do anything." Wendy thought to herself.

Jordan soon opened the bathroom door while Wendy tossed and turned in bed.

Turning her back against the bathroom, she didn't move again and immediately closed her eyes. She pretended to be already fast asleep.

Jordan turned off the light, and the room fell into total darkness.

He laid down on the bed and tried to hold Wendy in his arms. But Wendy was adamant and broke free from his arms. She directly took a pillow to the other end of the bed and laid there.

Jordan followed her and hugged her from behind.

Wendy broke free from his arms again and took the pillow back to the end of the bed.

Jordan followed, but he directly rushed over to Wendy this time. They were just going back and forth. "Since you're so powerful, let's do something."


Wendy tried to kick him, but he quickly grabbed her foot. He was a soldier after all. He had very quick reflexes.

She attempted to slap him on the face, but he stopped her with the other hand and pressed her down.

Wendy's hands were fastened over her head. She couldn't resist at all. Not anymore.

"Honey, as I said, let's do something." Jordan whispered seduct

out her phone and clicked on the Moments on WeChat.

She refreshed it and read what others had posted, and suddenly had an urge to post something.

"Good night, the world."

Then she got up from the bed and took a picture of the bright night view of C Country through the window.

After that, she turned off her phone and went to sleep.

In the mansion

Clad in Western dress and leather shoes, Harry was sitting in front of the computer in the study. He swiped the phone screen and looked blankly at what Lola posted some time ago.

At the thought of her pale face just now, he felt really guilty.

However, recalling what she did, he closed the phone and drew a box of cigarettes from the drawer.

He hadn't smoked for a long time now. Lola said she didn't want him to smoke.

Without lighting up the cigarette, he took it from his mouth and just played it in his hand.

He repeated the name of Lola silently in his heart. His heart will forever be occupied by Lola Li.

The phone rang. It was from Joey.

"Boss, I have sent Lillian back. Francis told me that he hopes that you can get married as soon as possible."

Harry smirked. "Give him what he wants, and tell him that it's for the sake of Lillian."

"Okay, boss. Will do."

Hanging up the phone, Harry recalled what Lillian had just said. "Boss Si, it's not what love is about. You have to stick to the bark, or you will regret it." He sat there, looking blankly at the wall.

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