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   Chapter 250 Loves the Color Pink So Much

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Nicole was very happy and contented, but Lola had mixed feelings. Harry was undoubtedly a good father.

However, she was also a good mother. She knew that in herself. Why should she be deprived of her right to be a mother?

It was totally unfair. She must fight to win her back.

She must talk with Harry and try to get Nicole back. If she failed, she had no choice... but to go to court. It would definitely be a difficult battle but she would risk everything for her daughter.

After making up her mind, Lola asked Nicole tentatively, "Nicole, if you have to choose one between me and your daddy, who will you choose? Tell me honestly."

She looked at Nicole in anticipation. She could sense that her daughter was having a difficult time. Nicole thought about it and finally said, "I want both of you."

She was in her happiest when she was with her daddy and mommy.

"No, you can just choose one." But Lola knew that she pushed her daughter just to get the answer she wanted.

"I can't choose both of you? Why?" Disappointed, Nicole was confused. Lola began to feel nervous. Finally, Nicole said, "I'll choose daddy."


Lola was greatly shocked.

Why? Why? She raised Nicole for almost four years, but Nicole thought she was not as good as Harry who has just taken care of her for a few days. It was unfair!

She was so sad that she wanted to cry.

Nicole looked at Lola's disappointed face and realized that her answer had upset Lola.

Lowering her head, Nicole thought for a while. If she was asked to choose again, she would still choose her daddy

Because her daddy was really nice to her. Moreover, he could be her superhero. She wanted to have a superhero like what she had seen in the movies.

But what about her mommy? Surely, her mommy was also nice. But as she could only choose one, she certainly would choose her daddy.

"Mommy, don't be sad. I love both of you." She crouched on the ground and embraced Lola tightly.

Lola looked at Nicole and sighed. Sh

It was already late. Who was that? Janne glanced at the closed door and wondered whether it was Jordan.

She quickly ran downstairs and looked out from afar. It was indeed Jordan dressed in a military uniform. She can't deny that he looked very sophisticated in his uniform.

She opened the door. "Mother, I'm sorry to bother you." Jordan came directly because Wendy had not been answering her phone.

"Not at all. Come in." Janne liked Jordan very much. She hoped that whatever Wendy's issue with him will be solved quickly.

"Mother, is Wendy on the second floor?" At his words, he looked upstairs.

Janne nodded and said, "Yeah. Go upstairs. Will you be staying here tonight?"

Jordan looked at his wristwatch and said, "Yes. If that's okay with you." Wendy must have been lying in bed. He would just leave tomorrow. He can't leave her wife behind.

Wendy was still looking at her phone. She thought she'd better find a job in a company.

As she was deeply thinking about this, someone opened the door. "Mother, why don't you go to bed already? I will sleep right away." Not knowing who was coming, Wendy grumbled.

But she heard footsteps come in. The door closed and was locked.

It was weird. There seemed to be a warm smell and feeling in the air. She immediately looked behind her and saw a familiar figure.

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