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   Chapter 247 A Friend of Your Brother

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At that very moment, Nael's mother finally appeared. After checking out the items that they bought, they were about to leave.

Before leaving, Yolanda deliberately glanced at Lola. "Didn't you love to take pictures and send them to me? That's your way of kicking me out, right? Now I'll pay you back in the same way. Just wait, you freak." Yolanda sneered.

Lola didn't know what she meant at that time. At last, Thomas and Lola selected two ties and one suit jacket. True to her promise, she paid for everything.

"Thanks!" Thomas was carrying the bag in a very good mood. He was like a child who just received a toy. Today marked the date when Lola has first given him a gift.

In the Manor, C Country.

Harry was telling Nicole the story of The Wolf and the Lamb. In less than five minutes, the little angel fell asleep. This was a routine for them every night. Her daughter loved story telling.

He put down the book and gently kissed the forehead of his daughter before getting out of bed.

The phone he put aside rang as it notified a new message. He took it and opened the SMS.

An unknown number sent a message to him. He opened the pictures, and the fatherly love on his face all disappeared without a trace. He felt rage deepen in his heart.

In one of the photos, a woman was held tightly by a man in his arms. The other ones were photos of the same woman buying suits for the man.

That familiar, lovely smile stung his eyes.

"Lola Li, you dare to be with another man behind my back and flirt with him!" Harry was furious.

He stood on the balcony as he watched the boundless sea. He toyed with his phone in his hand and dialed a number. "Transfer Thomas Herren from A Country. No matter where he will be transferred to, as long as he is not in A Country. Do it now."

Hanging up, he put the phone aside and took out the plastic ring from his pocket.

"Lola, this time, I'll willingly let you fall into my arms and make you learn to cherish all the people who care for you and... love me with all your heart."

A few more busy days quickly passed. Lola was too busy every day but she did not fail to think of Nicole from time to time.

When she was looking carefully at the factory's operation details, the computer prompted for a new email.

She opened it and found out that it was a company email sent by Harry himself.

one here!"

Lola sneered. "So what if you really love each other? Where did you go before my brother got married? You left him! Go and ask my brother to answer the phone. I don't want to talk to a mistress. It makes me sick!"

Sharon shook her fists with rage. If Lola was in front of her, she must have knocked out her teeth by now!

The bathroom became quiet. Sharon tried to control her emotions. "Your brother just walked out of the bathroom right now. Wait a minute."

The man came out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel and frowned when he saw Sharon. "Why are you still here?" Seeing his phone in her hand, he grabbed it right away.

"A call from Lola? Why was she calling me now?" Jordan was confused.


Lola finally heard Jordan's voice. "Brother, what are you doing! Are you crazy?" In the face of Lola's question, Jordan was puzzled.

"Why? What happened?" He had a lot of recruits these days, which made him very busy. What's wrong with his sister?

Lola heard Jordan actually ask her what happened. How could he still deny what he was doing? She closed her eyes and told herself not to be angry.

"Brother, where are you and Sharon Qiao right now? Where is my sister-in-law? You are married already. Do you even care about that?"

Upon hearing that, Jordan thought for a moment. He had not contacted his wife these past couple of days. What happened to her?

Then he looked at Sharon who was sitting on the sofa, thinking of everything that happened. Nothing happened that day and Wendy could not have known anything about it.

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