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   Chapter 246 A Plastic Ring

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They ended the call when they have agreed that Thomas will just pick her up later.

Lola finished her work quickly and then abruptly made her way out of the office.

Thomas, after his retirement from the post, had more time for leisure now. He even had less business to do than Lola right now.

When Lola was still waking out of the office, Thomas was already there waiting for her.

Seeing her in yellow trousers, he immediately came over.

"I can see in your eyes that you are already tired." Sometimes, he thought of giving up his current work to accompany and help her in her daily work. She always seemed to be so exhausted.

Lola shook her head. "Not too much. I'm used to it." She could bear that.

The two got on Thomas's car. He did not take the driver with him this time, so he drove to the hotel himself. After all, he wanted some time alone with Lola.

They arrived at the Xanadu Café. They had been here before a couple times and both of them loved the food and the ambiance. Thomas made a reservation for a private room here again.

Just like the previous time, they comfortably had tea first before they had dinner.

Soon, they were done eating and Lola excused herself to go to the bathroom.

In SL Group, C Country.

After a long time of dealing and working with his business, Harry sat in front of the French windows to relax. It had been a long and tiring day.

He took something out of his pocket and put it in his hand.

How stupid and daring was Lola to buy a plastic ring to fool him?

The man looked at the ring for a while and made a decision. He took out his cell phone and removed Lola's phone number out of the blacklist.

Without any hesitation, he dialed it.

"Hello." A man's voice came up on the other side of the phone, which pinched Harry's heart.

If he did not guess wrong, this steady and familiar voice must be Thomas Herren. The two were still together! At this very night! "Lola, you really are seeking death!" Harry thought to himself.

"Where is she?"

Hearing this cold voice, Thomas raised the corners of his lips and slowly said one word, "Bathroom."

Whether he was telling the truth or not, Harry still got angry and hung up directly. He didn't care, anyway. Or at least he pretended to be.

He tossed the phone on his desk and it slid from the desk to the floor. He didn't care at all.

Putting the

to select a tie. It looked really good.

While they were trying another coat which looked nice too, a sudden female voice interrupted them, "Isn't this Miss Li? Shopping with a man?"

How familiar the voice was. Lola knew who she was even if she did not look back.

Thomas glanced at the little woman who did not change her expression. Now she was doing well and had learned not to expose her emotions.

Lola picked up the tie and handed it him. "Try this one." Thomas obediently tried it.

They completely ignored the woman behind them, which made Yolanda Mo gnash her teeth in anger.

"Yolanda." A voice came from behind her. It was Nael.

Yolanda gave up trying to talk to her and walked to Nael. "Well, have you decided?" Sorting out her emotions, she smiled at Nael. She was able to control her emotions well.

"What did you do just now? Where is my mom? Have you seen her?" Nael looked around. He didn't think much about the man and woman near to them.

Yolanda took Nael's arm and headed to another area. "Your mom has gone to the bathroom and she'll be back soon. Do you like that one? Let me buy it for you! Just pick anything you want."

Hearing this, Nael laughed. "I'll like it as long as it's bought by you! No worries."

Since the cancellation of the wedding with Harry, Yolanda had been depressed at home for a long time. She had grown so thin and she had not taken care of her appearance anymore.

However, Nael came to A Country on a business trip so he took Yolanda with him. Nael might not be the one she really loves, but she was very thankful to have him.

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