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   Chapter 245 Harry's Attitude

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Joseph had a gut feeling that he should say something nice for Harry because he had given him a lot of favors before. He thought that Harry wanted something in return.

However, he swallowed down whatever he was about to say. He just couldn't be untrue to himself. Instead, he simply said, "It's Lola's own business. Why don't you ask her yourself? I don't know much about it either!"

Jordan cast a cold glance at his restless brother and replied, "What's the use of you then? Don't you know how to protect Lola? She's our sister, for God's sake!"

Joseph felt offended by his remarks. The truth was, he was not always in A Country. His sister had always had a wrong temper. She had always been a brave girl. The only person that could actually hurt her was Harry Si.

The question was, what could he possibly do to confront Harry about this? He owed that guy a lot of favors! He just couldn't ditch him like that. He had already given him a car and a flat. He sometimes felt as if he was Harry's mistress because of how he spoiled him. Even the company he worked for now belonged to Harry.

On second thought, he did feel like something was really wrong here. He realized that he could be just a puppet for Harry.

One thing he was sure about was that Harry definitely loved his sister. There was no denying that. But as it was their own private matter, he and his brother should just stay out of it. Harry and Lola were already old enough to take care of their problems.

Joseph's mind had just turned to a clutter. He had not solved his own issue and yet here came his sister's problem. He desperately needed some peace and solace!

Ignoring his elder brother's furious gazing, he stumbled out of the study and returned to his bedroom.

Lola tossed her wet clothes aside and stepped into the bathroom. She felt much better after a hot shower but emotionally, she couldn't stop hurting just yet.

Thomas's expensive coat looked all ruined. She felt sorry for him and planned to buy a new one tomorrow.

Wendy sat on the bedside with a hair dryer in her hand. Upon seeing Lola so lost in her thoughts, she smiled and asked Lola to come closer so that she could dry her hair for her.

She was Lola's sister-in-law but she has always acted just like Lola's mother. Deep down, she felt grateful for her family as both Lola and her mother-in-law treated her nicely. Wendy felt obliged to return their kindness every now and then.

The room was quiet, and only the sound of the hair dryer could be heard. Lola didn't feel like talking at all. Wendy respected that and didn't ask her questions either.

She knew that if Lola wanted to talk, she would have spit out everything a long time ago. It was pointless for her to bother Lola with loads of questions if she was not in the mood of talking.

But tonight, Wendy will accompany her to sleep. She does not want Lola to be alone in her thoughts right now. She looked at her healthy, flawless skin and smiled. "Sister-in-law, aren't you super happy with my brother?" She could tell from her radiant aura that she was in a very happy marriage.

Wendy felt a bit shy and whispered, "Stop it. I would always feel happy once you and mother are home!" As for her quiet and emotionless husband, she was not that into him!

Wendy blushed as a big smile uncontrollably spread over her face. Lola looked at Wendy and felt truly happy for her. She has made the right decision back then! How lucky of her...

"Wendy, he won't give Nicole back to me. I miss my daughter so much." Lola finally opened up her heart and shared her worries with Wendy.

On hearing her words, Wendy frowned and immediately felt sadder. It was really tough to deal with. Harry Si was a man of power and limitless capabilities. They had no chance of winning in getting Nicole back by force. It would be so pointless.

"Why don't you marry each other again?" It would be nice for both of them. Nicole would get to see both her mother and father more often. More importantly, she would see them together.

Lola thought about marrying him again. However, his attitude was so nasty that it literally drove her crazy! Besides, he had a new girl now. "I don't know why he was so into Lillian now. I don't know if he really loves her, or he's just making a point." She murmured to herself.

As far as she knew, Lillian used to be in D City all the time. She couldn't understand why she would be here. Lola was very confused.

"Lillian? Is this true?" Wendy remembered that lady. Long time ago, both Lillian and Lola were recognized by the upper class of D City as the most beautiful women in the city.

Then Lillian faded from the stage. It was not until now that she showed up again. But it was just so strange that she showed up as Harry's lover.

"You have no idea how much I hate him now. Yolanda was history but Lillian has taken over her role!" She knew Harry was playing in the field all this time. She couldn't care less. However, both Yolanda and Lillian were obviously serious in having a relationship with him.

Wendy tried to comfort her. "It is normal. Harry Si is a well-established man that there ought to be some women around him trying to win his heart. It's something that you should learn to

in her sleep. She had a sweet smile on her face.

She was dreaming about her parents. They were kissing. How sweetly embarrassing...


The night was long. No more talking was heard apart from muffled, gentle and sweet moans.

When dawn arrived, Harry carried the sleeping Lola into the bathroom. He also ordered his private jet to wait in the mansion.

One hour later, Lola was carried to the bed on the plane while she was still sleeping.

She finally woke up from her sleep. Realizing that she was actually in the plane, Lola sat up immediately. She ran to the plane window.

What the hell! That idiot had sent her back to A Country. The plane had just landed on the land of the Li villa. Wow, he had done it again.

She saw her grandfather with crutches walking towards the plane.

Despite feeling weak in her leg muscles, Lola ran out of the plane to greet her grandfather. On her way out, she grabbed her bag back from the female bodyguard.

"Grandfather!" Lola greeted him with a big smile as she helped him with the crutches. The two walked back to the villa together.

Landon curiously looked at the plane as it took off and asked with squinting eyes, "Lola, whose plane was that and where were you last night? You should always take a rest from time to time. Don't get too caught up with work."

Lola was embarrassed by the questions. She thought about her excuses and explained, "I was on a business trip to C Country. I was needed at the headquarters there. As the returning fight was sold out, the CEO sent me back through his private jet."

Landon nodded as if he was fully convinced. As they were walking towards the villa, he suddenly said with a smile on his face, "Isn't the CEO Harry Si?"

... Her grandpa had such a sarcastic smile that Lola knew that he was playing tricks on her.

"Grandfather, I only went to check on Nicole." She said as she lowered her face in embarrassment.

On hearing Nicole's name, Landon paused. "Is Nicole coming back?" The real question was at the tip of his tongue. He wanted to ask her when they would tie the knot again.

He heard rumors that C Country would soon witness some good news. Harry Si was about to get engaged with the eldest daughter of the Ye family from Z Country. If that was the case, he would never ever forgive Harry, even on his death bed!

Lola blinked her eyes. She hid her true feelings as she tried to comfort Landon. "Don't worry. We will sort it out pretty soon. Harry still loves me. I can feel it." But she knew it was just her good wishes. The truth was her proposal went through and he kissed her by force as a punishment. The thought made Lola sad.

Landon was old enough to see through her lies. However, he didn't expose her as he simply said, "You'd better be! No point in dragging the issue. You are an adult now, and I trust that you could make the right decisions."

"Of course, grandfather." Lola sighed deeply to herself.

Time went by so fast. After some time, it was already a week later.

Lola suddenly realized that she still owed Thomas his suit and a dinner.

She took out her phone and dialed his number. He answered her call right away. It seemed like he was waiting for her call all day. "Finally you called me! Hope you have not forgotten about the..."

On hearing his voice, Lola giggled. "I am sorry. I have been busy. How about a dinner with me tonight?"

"No problem!" He had been waiting for her invitation for days already. Thomas felt so excited.

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