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   Chapter 244 Treat Nicole as My Own Child

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Thomas lovingly tossed her loose hair behind her ears and smiled. "How about treating me to dinner some other day to thank me?" He didn't expect her to say yes.

To his pleasant surprise, Lola abruptly nodded without any hesitation. "Oh, no problem. It's on me!" She really wanted to thank him properly. What he did for her earlier was heroic.

For the first time, Thomas had experienced the feeling of being flattered. He felt more than ever that he needed to guard and protect her.

"Go home and rest early. You work too hard. You should look after yourself, too." He said in a soft voice. He knew that as an acting CEO of the SL Group, Lola was very devoted to her work. He hoped to be of help to her.

She agreed. With a friendly smile, she put on the coat and sat in Joseph's car.

"I will have the coat washed and sent to you by tomorrow. Thank you for this." She turned around to face him and promised him that.

Thomas nodded. With a humorous tone, he said, "Hey, you need to deliver the coat by yourself!"

Lola replied with a grin and the car drove off.

Thomas saw them rush off and returned to his own car. His driver greeted him and they took off from the parking lot.

But as soon as Thomas's car disappeared in the distance, Lola's car returned.

She almost forgot that she urgently needed to see Harry and discuss about Nicole! She stepped out of the car and looked around. She soon spotted Harry's car in the parking lot.

Not far from here, Harry and Lillian were actually walking towards her direction.

"Harry!" Lola called out as she ran towards them.

He heard her voice and looked up. Lola was wearing a suit coat and a pair of high heels. It was not easy to wear the stiletto heels. Lola was cautious while running.

Lillian cast a quick glance at Harry. Without saying anything, she sat into the car first. She does not need any permission for this. This was for her daughter.

Harry had mixed feelings about this. He sat in the car with Lillian and pretended that he did not care about Lola.

He ruthlessly closed the car door in her face. Only half of the car window was left open.

Lola leaned against the window. As she was gasping for air, she hurriedly asked, "Harry, where is Nicole?"

"She's not here." Leaning against the seat, he replied with his eyes closed.

Not here? ? ? Lola's eyes widened in anger. Her voice was shaking, "Why don't you bring her to me?" She

ou just let the rain soak you? You'll get really sick." She held Lola's cold hands, asking her with a concerned voice.

Joseph made his way to the second floor as well. Jordan looked at his younger brother and was confused. Why was he here and what did they do? It all seemed unusual.

Wendy accompanied Lola to her bedroom. The Li brothers went straight to the study.

Joseph sat in the sofa with a gloomy face as he tried to ignore Jordan's questions.

He was not dodging the questions. He simply didn't know what to say. He didn't know what to feel, either.

His sister was in a mess! He just got out of the plane tonight. All he ever wanted was to sneak back home quietly.

But his plan was interrupted with Harry's call. He said that his sister needed help and he had organized a group of strong men. What Joseph needed to do was to go to the hotel with those strong men to save his sister.

It would be wrong to say that Harry didn't love his sister! How could Harry love someone else? Did he really love Lillian?

But indeed, he still hurt her in the end...So whose fault was it? He didn't have the answer himself.

Jordan couldn't get him to talk. He smoked one cigarette after another in anxiety.

Finally he lost his patience. With one kick on Joseph's calf, he snapped, "Was it Harry? Come on, tell me now. I'm part of the family too. I deserve to know." He was quite sure it must be him!

Nicole was still in C Country. Things were getting complicated. His sister was definitely hiding something as Nicole was not just staying with Harry for a couple of days! This was getting out of hand...

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