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   Chapter 243 Can't You Fight on Your Own

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She had no other choice but to say, "For the sake of Mr. Si and the CEO of HF, I would forgive her if she would apologize!" Michelle Wu raised her chin up high and continued to radiate an arrogant mood.

Just at that moment, Lola had walked out from behind Thomas Herren. The CEO of the HF Group saw her and smiled. "Miss Li, you hurt Miss Wu's hand after all. So if you can apologize to her, everything will be okay now."

Lola glanced at the CEO of HF with a sneer and then she stared at Michelle Wu. "You want me to apologize? In your sweet dreams!"

"You!" Michelle Wu grind her teeth in anger as she glanced at the CEO and then to Harry. "As you see, she's the one who is unwilling to compromise."

"You insulted me first, so why would I apologize?" Lola was certainly not that easy to deal with. She was a very determined woman.

The situation was deadlocked again. The CEO of HF glanced at the two women and then he stared at Harry, whose wound was being cleaned by a medic.

He didn't even look this way, so obviously he was staying out of the argument.

Suddenly, Michelle Wu went up to Lola and raised her arm to slap her! At the last moment, Michelle Wu was stopped by the man behind Lola.

Thomas Herren seldom looked so angry like this. He waved off Michelle Wu's arm quickly. Michelle Wu was surprised and stepped back awkwardly. She would have fallen onto the round if the bodyguard didn't help her.

Michelle Wu was too angry to speak. She looked at the man and woman in front of her, and ordered her bodyguards resentfully, "Seize this woman! If any of you would let her leave, you are all fired!"

At that moment, the hotel gate was opened and many uniformed men came in.

The one in front was Joseph in a pink suit with two or three bodyguard squads trailing him.

"Who dares touch my sister!" His loud and clear voice immediately caught everyone's attention.

Joseph ignored the uproar and the glances that he attracted and went to Lola and stood beside her.

"Oh my god! Isn't that the superstar Joseph?"

"Yes, yes! He is so handsome!"

"Jesus, how many bodyguards did he b

ixed his clothes, his very dignity shown in every move he made.

With an absent-minded Lillian holding his arm, Harry went up to the CEO of HF and said to him, "Mr. Lyu, the SL Group and the HF group won't have any cooperation from now on. You have turned me off." As he finished his statement, Harry ignored the ashen-faced CEO of HF and left in his own charming way.

At that moment, Julie, who just hid herself in the corner, walked out after enjoying the show. She reminded the CEO of HF, "Miss Li was the ex-wife of Mr. Si." And then she left on her high heels with several senior managers of the SL group.

Certainly, the CEO of HF knew that Lola was Harry's ex-wife. But she was ex-wife, wasn't she? If they loved each other, how come they ended their marriage?

And then he remembered suddenly that Harry just said "my people". Lola was his... woman? Again?

When the CEO of HF came to his senses, most of the people had already left the hotel. The celebration party was completely messed up.

Thomas and Lola walked out of the hotel. He wanted to drive her back, but Joseph was there now so there was no need for that anymore.

He only escorted Lola to Joseph's car, and she looked at him warmly. "Thank you for today!" Lola sincerely expressed her gratitude.

Unexpectedly, Thomas and Joseph came to her aid when she needed help. That they stood behind her and made her very proud and happy.

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