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   Chapter 242 Help Your Subordinates

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"Ah!" The entire floor of the hotel suddenly hushed in silence. All the people gathered to the scene where the two women were showing off against each other.

The broken champagne glass unfortunately hit Michelle's white tender hands, and blood instantly oozed from her skin.

Michelle could not open her eyes with the severe pain, as her face turned pale and her forehead began to seep sweat.

It was too painful that she did not dare to move. Lola released her hands but did not plan to stop there. She wouldn't back down from this woman.

She gestured at the dumbfounded waiter charmingly with her index finger. The waiter immediately came to her side.

Lola repeated what Michelle did as she poured the red wine, alcohol and champagne in a cup. As it was not full, she added another glass of juice into the cup so it was almost overflowing.

At this time, Michelle's male companion quickly came to stop Lola. He gripped Lola's wrist to prevent her from moving any further.

Lola stepped the heels on her shoes on his feet and pounded really hard. He immediately jumped to the other side and howled with pain.

Michelle finally opened her eyes, as she looked at Lola who was approaching her again. Horror filled her eyes.

This woman was bloodily brutal!

Without any hesitations, Lola poured the glass of drink on Michelle's head, and then smashed the red wine glass under her feet.

A few pieces of broken glass hit Michelle on her feet. She screamed in agony.

This scene had completely caught by the eyes of Harry, who looked admiringly at the not-at-all embarrassed charming woman.

This was exactly how his daughter's mother would be --- sometimes arrogant and self-willed, sometimes charming and clever, and sometimes naughty and cute...

At this time, several bodyguards ran from the outside of the hotel and stood beside Michelle. They were overly concerned and formed a circle around her.

Michelle immediately sprung up and pointed at Lola angrily. "Seize this woman!"

Lola did not have the slightest fear and looked at the bodyguard who was already ready to grab her. She immediately turned back and rushed outside. Upon seeing this, e

a today, you need my consent!"

Behind, Lola felt at odds. She looked up and saw the Herren's wide back, as if it were a wall keeping her from danger.

Harry was watching Lola's every move quietly when he saw her look at Thomas Herren with admiration. Anger filled his being.

Michelle's bodyguards and Thomas Herren were deadlocked and no one would step back.

Harry glanced over at the CEO of HF Group and said coldly, "HF Group is just watching my people being bullied like this?" The red wine glass broke down at his words.

His people? His woman or his subordinate?

All the people were frightened, and Harry just calmly took out a white handkerchief from his chest pocket and wiped the red wine and blood in his hands. It was like nothing had happened.

The CEO of HF Group immediately sent a person to take the first-aid kit, and then nervously wiped the cold sweat on his face. He walked to Harry. "Mr. Si, I'm sorry. I will solve this issue now."

Michelle was the daughter of the mayor of C Country, whom he did not dare to offend. He was also in a deadlock. However, Harry had said so. He was obviously angry so he had to do something now.

The CEO approached Michelle and said in a reassuring tone, "Miss Wu, you see today is a happy day, so don't let unpleasant things sweep your interest. I beg you to let this pass."

Michelle looked at Harry's stoic face. She was terrified but she can't just let Lola off the hook.

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