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   Chapter 241 Yolanda's Cousin

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Lola knew clearly that it was not her that they really pay attention to. They were focused on the title of the acting CEO of SL Group.

After drinking two glasses of champagne, Lola started to be lost in her thoughts. Why hadn't Harry shown up? She was in such a hurry to meet Nicole! She couldn't wait any further!

As she was about to drink her third glass, the hotel's gate opened again. The person who showed up last always attracted a great number of attention.

Harry, wearing a black business suit with white shirt in it, a dull-red tie, suit pants, and a pair of brand-new and shinning hand-made leather shoes, slowly made his way towards the room.

The appearance of this handsome and wealthy business tycoon caught the attention of many women in the hall.

But what shocked everyone the most was the woman standing beside him. Even Lola was bewildered!

His companion was wearing an off-shoulder full dress which was long enough to her bare feet, a girdle with countless diamonds around her waist, and a pair of 7 cm black high heels.

She had a perfect match of facial features. Her slanted eyes was slightly painted with eye shadow and the blight red lipstick shined on her mouth. The priceless suit of diamonds that she wore was definitely of high quality and cost.

There was no doubt that she and Lola were the two most beautiful women tonight.

As Harry's companion, her very expensive dress was enough to show how wealthy Harry was.

However, compared with other women's envy and jealousy, all Lola felt right now was mere surprise.

Lola was not jealous of this woman, let alone to her priceless dress.

She was just wondering why Lillian would show up here with Harry.

She never heard that Lillian and Harry knew each other. Then she thought of her younger brother. She felt sick to her stomach.

She needed to figure this all out later. Her brother needed some answers.

Since the CEO of the SL Group had now appeared, everyone had turned their gazes towards Harry. Lola was happy of this.

She took Thomas by the arm and walked towards the resting area.

She had two problems to think about: Why Harry and Lillian appeared at the same time and was Nicole coming together.

Thomas looked at Lola's expression, and a sense of loss appeared in his eyes.

Ever since Harr

t he was thinking. Lillian glanced at him several times. Wouldn't he protect this woman who he loved?

After a while, he still did not show any signs to help.

At the same time, things began to stir up again between Lola and Michelle Wu. Lola slowly untied her long wet hair and let it fall on her back.

Like a beautiful woman who has just taken a shower, she looked so charming and beautiful. She may be embarrassed on the inside, but she was still smoking hot on the outside.

Lola walked in front of her with a smirk on her face and reached to take the glass of red wine from Michelle Wu's hands.

Of course, Michelle would not give it to her. However, Lola did not take it. She held it to her mouth and drank her own wine.

Her action was so bold and sensual that several young men even began to whistle.

She walked towards the corner of the table, and broke the glass.

Looking at the jagged broken glass, Lora smiled with satisfaction. Her sudden smile was like a bouquet of tender roses. Everyone were frozen as they were greatly entranced by her beauty.

The beauty of Miss Li, the CEO of the SL Group, really deserved a great reputation!

And she was also worthy of being the ex-wife of Harry, the giant business tycoon. The beauty was really breathtaking.

Being watched by everyone present in the hall, Lola pulled Michelle Wu a little bit closer to her. As she cannot break away from her control, Michelle Wu watched her hand be placed on the table beside them.

Then Lola did something that shocked everyone.

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