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   Chapter 240 Cheat on Me

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The stars were shining beautifully in the sky. Lola closed her eyes for a while and zipped her dress open. Then she walked slowly to Harry.


But when she woke up again, she found out that she was fully dressed and was in Harry's private plane.

Sitting on the bed, she looked around the small space, obviously confused. Where was she going?

The rumbling came from the outside. Was she really on the plane? She hurriedly sprang out of bed and found a window. Now she was convinced of her idea.

Opening the door of the restroom, she saw rows of plush chairs and an unfamiliar woman inside.

What a damned man!

"Where is Harry?", she scornfully asked the woman in front of her.

Indeed the woman was a bodyguard sent here by Harry. Hearing her question, she answered respectfully, "Mr. Si is in C Country and he said that you were not sincere enough. So now, you are sent back to A Country, and he will talk with you about your child later."

She couldn't believe this!

She could have died on the balcony, but Harry still said that she was not sincere enough. What a son of a bitch that man is!

Lola was too angry to say anything. She inhaled and told herself not to appear mad about this.

"Miss Li, Mr. Si prepared the anti-wrinkle cosmetics for you and told you not to be angry to prevent from getting wrinkled at a such young age." The bodyguard picked up a bag and handed it over while she was speaking.

Lola looked at the bag clad in black and white. She knew it was a top international brand and has costs at least hundreds of thousand dollars.

She would normally put these expensive makeups on her face, but now she would prefer to throw it out of the plane. It would be better to throw it to Mars.

You asshole Harry! You had done nothing but cheat on me and cause more trouble! Now you have directly sent me away. Do you think I am still scared of you?

How can you toy with my emotions so casually and easily!

She received the cosmetics from the bodyguard and just decided to give it to her mother. She thought that she was just in her twenties and she did not need it. They were more for people who were already kind of old.

It seemed that she had to find other ways to take Nicole back. She considered this for a while and soon the plane landed in front of her f

At seven in the evening, hundreds of people were already in the hotel, cheering and laughing.

But they were curious about why the acting CEO of the SL Group had not appeared yet. They were informed that she would come. Then the door of the hotel opened. Lola, who was dressed elegantly in a black evening dress and walked together with Thomas Herren. Thomas was dressed in a neat suit.

Many people knew Lola was beautiful but they were still amazed when they saw her through their own eyes.

Keeping the makeup simple, she looked so attractive with her red retro lipstick!

Her evening dress was a bit more mature and sexy. The soft cloth clung to her body and it clearly showed her sexy curves.

She wore a long skirt that trailed along the floor and had put on lots of expensive jewelry. In order to look more sophisticated, she put the watch which Harry had given to her into the bag.

Seeing her partner was the former president Thomas Herren, almost everyone in the hall were staring at them.

The boss of the HF Group approached them to give his warm welcome., "Mr. Herren, Miss Li, welcome! It's such a pleasure to see you here." Mars Zheng, who was nearly sixty years old, smiled from ear to ear. The joy in his eyes was undeniable. These two would further make his company more popular.

After shaking hands with Mars Zheng politely, Lola and Thomas Herren were soon surrounded by a crowd of people.

The waiter offered some drink and Lola took a glass of champagne and began to greet others. The night had just started.

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