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   Chapter 239 Kill Both of You

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After visiting Joseph, Lola went directly back to the mansion. She originally thought to have something to eat with him so she could talk to him about it. But he was now dating another woman and didn't have time to eat with her anyway. So she came back alone.

She had planned about picking up Nicole, but she didn't know which kindergarten she was in……

Within an hour after, Lola arrived at the mansion. Joey has fetched Nicole from school a while ago.

The mother and daughter kissed each other in the cheeks, then Lola took Nicole to the rest room and washed her hands. It had been a long while since they had their last dinner together.

She could not stay too long here. Her company needed her too. So, she must solve the matter about Nicole tonight.

Harry did not come back for dinner. Nicole was already sound asleep at nine in the evening.

Lola had no idea whether Harry would come back because he seemed to have said about planning to spend the night with that woman in the hotel today. She assumed that he won't go home tonight.

But she still went downstairs to the hall to wait for him.

At half past nine, just like last night, the Maserati stopped at the gate of the mansion.

From the car came out a couple, except that this evening, the woman was a blond American.

The woman was wearing a black bare midriff, and a skirt with a pair of high heels of about nine centimeters.

The woman looked strong and powerful. Lola believed that she would be unable to throw this woman into the pool...

Abby was an open-minded and liberated woman, and could do all kinds of intimate actions without Harry taking the initiative.

The two went into the mansion in an intimate manner. They saw Lola still sitting in the living room this late at night.

She leaned on the sofa lazily, playing on the cellphone. Looking the couple came in, she didn't seem angry as she did yesterday.

Holding hands, Harry and Abby leaned on the sofa just opposite of Lola. This time, the difference was that Abby took the initiative to kiss on the thin lips of Harry.

A relentless and repulsive look came across his eyes. Didn't Joey notice her?

The couple kissed each other like nobody else was around. Lola turned off the cellphone and felt more d

mother, not as your girlfriend."

The man scorned and rubbed the teeth mark on his right arm. Her bite stung so much. "Without me, you won't have Nicole, right?"


Her face instantly changed. She looked at him gracefully putting his hands in his pockets and was about to walk upstairs.

Things were not settled yet. He must not go! She grabbed his hand, but was instead gripped by Harry. He lifted her up and carried her upstairs.

"Ah! Harry, let me go!" With her body upside down, Lola felt very uncomfortable and it seemed like her head became heavier.

"If you want to disturb my daughter's sleep, scream all you want! No one will come to rescue you no matter how hard you try!" Unfortunately, what he said was true.

Lola shut her mouth obediently and waited until Harry walked into the bedroom. They went to the balcony without disturbing Nicole.

He put her on the deck chair on the balcony while he closed the sliding door.

He then sat down beside her. "Lola, do you still want to talk to me?" he asked in a flat, emotionless tone.

Lola immediately nodded. This was something that they should talk about. Both of them were parents of Nicole.

He smiled. "Well, show me your sincerity! I need to see that I could trust you." There was something else in his words. How come Lola cannot hear it?

Lola did not think for too long. She decided to just go all out for her daughter. There was no need to be affectionate to him. They were adults, and they should talk like one.

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