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   Chapter 238 Not A Girlfriend Yet

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Hearing this, Lola frowned. He was the one going with Nicole to kindergarten? That was so sweet of him. But it also seemed clear that Harry wanted to keep her daughter in C Country.

A moment of fear went through her mind. No way! She had to call him urgently. She won't allow this to happen without her permission.

She called his personal phone from the landline in the living room, and Joey answered. "Miss Li, Boss Si is in an important meeting right now."

After saying this, Joey glanced at his boss who was staring at him from behind the table, and wondered if they were fighting again.

An important meeting? Lola believed this without any doubts, so she asked, "What time is it supposed to be finished?" Her daughter's issue couldn't be delayed. She planned to take her away in a day or two. She had to urgently talk to him about this.

"I really couldn't tell for sure right now. Is there anything else I can do for you, Miss Li?"

"Nothing." Lola responded in a tone of disappointment.

But when Joey was about to hang up the phone, Lola's voice rose again in desperation. "Please tell him to call me back after the meeting. Please!"

"No problem, Miss Li."

After he hung up the phone, Joey repeated her words to Harry who was sitting still in silence.

Harry took a quick thought and said, "I want another woman."

His words made Joey really confused now. What's the sense in flirting with other women in front of Lola?

But anyway, he did what he had been told to do and began to find another woman for him immediately. He was his boss, anyway.

Lola did not receive a call from him after lunch. She thought it over and felt something was wrong.

Before, Harry's personal phone had been easy to get through, and he had often answered it by himself.

But, this time, Joey answered it, and just said that his boss was in a meeting……

If she was not mistaken, he must have been avoiding her and deliberately missed her call.

Thinking of this, Lola didn't know whether to be angry or sad.

After all, he didn't want to answer her call. Was he just teaching her a lesson or had he fallen out of love with her already?

Out of nowhere, she decided to check her WeChat moments, and found out that Harry had just posted a picture on it.

In the picture, a man's hand was clasped with another woman's hand, and clearly, she recognized the

a woman who was linked to him. The relationship was well-covered.

"Did you hurt her?", she asked.

"No way! I can't do that to her." He was sure about that.

"Was there another man that she loved before you two got together?"

Joseph became quiet. When they were together, Lillian had never contacted anyone else.

They had also stayed in touch by phone every day during her stay in D City. She seemed to act normal.

Besides, she's not flirtatious type of a woman. If she was in love with others, she wouldn't have let him touch her. He knew her so well already.

"No!", he said firmly.

Lola now felt confused too. Well, why on earth would she do that? "Maybe I can ask her about this?" Women always have their own way to communicate to each other about this kind of affair. She could work her way around Lillian.

Joseph shook his head again, with his hands clutching his long sleeves and said, "Lola, don't worry about me, I'll handle it on my own. I'm a grown man now." If he couldn't make a woman like him, what else could he do? He felt so low of himself.

"Okay! I believe that you can do it, anyway! So tell me... Why did you turn off your phone the other day when you were with Harry?" This was exactly why she visited him today.

"Oh, about that... It wasn't me It was Harry who got really angry, so I didn't dare to say a word! He was a bit terrifying that day." Joseph remembered his face when Harry heard that Nicole was his own daughter. That was horrible!

Lola felt awkward about this. Why did he get so angry? At least, she told him the truth.

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