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   Chapter 237 Who Gave You the Permission to Pick Up Girls

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Lola rolled up her sleeves and determinedly commanded Tom, "Turn around. Now." Tom gave her a weird look but obediently turned around.

Lola looked at the high gate and began to climb.

Seeing this, Harry felt a sharp pain on his temple. She did not look like a woman who was nearly 30!

He strode to her and pulled her down from the gate without difficulty.

He must change this gate with a plate solid wood so nobody can easily enter nor go out.

"You're a son of the bitch! Get away from me! Let me go!" Lola was pulled down when she finally climbed two thirds of the gate. How could she not be so mad?

Tom stood with his back to them and secretly wiped his cold sweat. What a brave heroine she was! She dared to curse Harry as a son of a bitch. He had never seen anything like this!

Harry pulled Lola and walked towards the mansion. She couldn't get off his tight grip so she just succumbed to his control.

Bonnie was tidying up her clothes inside. She didn't dare go home yet because she has not gotten Harry's permission. She also needed the money.

She looked at them struggling with each other, and stood still immediately.

Harry glanced at Bonnie. Then he took off his tie and bound Lola's hands with it.

"Harry, what are you doing?" He was too strong. She couldn't get off his control.

Then Harry embraced Bonnie into his arms and said, "Without this noisy and nagging woman, we can go upstairs." Bonnie immediately obeyed and both of them went upstairs.

With eyes wide open, Lola stared at them in disbelief. He! He! He even tagged her as noisy and nagging woman!

She followed them immediately. Though her hands were bound, her feet were free! She would not let them have sex tonight! Not on her watch!

Hearing the quick footsteps behind him, Harry made a plan so they won't disturb her sleeping daughter.

Then he put Bonnie on the ground and pressed himself onto her with his palms against the wall.

It was the first time for Lola to see Harry do this to another woman. Her mind was filled with sadness, pain and anger.

"Darling, she was following us!" Bonnie controlled her trembling hands, and clenched her clothes. Then she forced herself to look at Harry.

Harry gave her a charming smile. His shirt was drenched now

ooked up at her dad who was embracing her. "Why? What did mommy do last night?"

Harry gave her a mysterious smile. "Last night, your mom gave me a bath. That was too tiring for her."

Hearing about this, the lovely girl titled her head curiously and thought for a while. "Daddy, you are already a grown-up. You should take a bath by yourself."

Harry put his daughter on the lounge chair in the bathroom and said, "Your mommy was willing to do that for me, and I couldn't refuse it." He threw up his hands helplessly.

Harry hurriedly went to cloakroom to fetch some clothes for her. Nicole looked at his back and murmured, "I should ask Uncle Joseph someday." She still didn't understand why her mommy had to help her daddy take a bath.

It was nearly noon when Lola woke up. She was alone in the room.

Rubbing her aching and sore waist, she walked into bathroom slowly. Sitting on the stool, and looking at the bathtub near her, she felt so shy when she remembered what had happened last night.

She only found Mrs. Du and the two servants she had never seen when she went downstairs. Nicole wasn't here.

"Mrs. Du, where is Nicole?" Lola glanced at the living room and looked around. Nicole was nowhere to be seen.

Mrs. Du looked at Lola with a smile. "Young Master has sent her to kindergarten." Harry never allowed other people to send his daughter to kindergarten. Instead, he was always the one who did that for her. Nicole was so important for him, and he was four years too late already.

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