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   Chapter 236 Face Reddened Due To Her Wrath

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Should she just go to a hotel or an inn nearby? Never mind. She might as well just wait for Harry and talk about it!

Harry's bed was too big for Nicole. She was in the middle of it. She would not fall off even if she was there by herself. He also had the bed side padded with thick woolen mat. So in case she fell off the bed, she wouldn't hurt herself.

How thoughtful of him! He really knew how to be a father.

Lola gently closed the bedroom door and went downstairs. She sat on the sofa in the living room while waiting for Harry.

At exactly nine in the evening, a familiar Maserati stopped in front of the mansion. A man and a woman walked out of the car and made their way to the gate.

The woman had beautiful curly hair which hung loosely over her shoulders. Her smile looked awkward as she held on the man by the arm, whose face was as cold as an iceberg. Harry was still in his signature emotionless stature.

She was the youngest daughter of the vice mayor of C Country. Bonnie also had very famous brothers and sisters. They had overshadowed her so she didn't catch that much attention from her parents.

As she was never the favorite child of the family, she didn't get much financial help from her parents either. In order to get extra money to spend, she had to find other ways.

She was just finishing her work at the cafe. On her way home, she was so lost in her thoughts that she almost hit Joey's car.

Joey had a plan as he sent her to a stylist so that she looked adorable and charming. Then he sent her directly to Harry.

She had heard about Harry Si a long time ago. As known by all, she also thought of him as a charming business legend.

She finally got to meet him in person but was utterly shocked by his cold appearance. How could anyone wear a poker face all day long?

Bonnie almost wanted to give up when they told her the whole plan. She was not used to doing scenarios like this. However, she decided to take the task for the sake of the lucrative reward.

As she was still dwelling on what to do next, Harry had already brought her into the mansion. The decor of the chambers were shining so beautifully that she slightly gasped.

As she was about to examine and take a look around the manor, Harry casually laid his hand on her waist.

Bonnie froze as she felt uneasy. Then she thought about Joey's words that all these were just an act and she had no reason to be nervous. All she needed to do was to act along with the boss.

Bonnie relaxed a little and looked straight ahead. Not far from where she was standing, a beautiful woman was sitting on the sofa was glaring at her. Her curvy body was wrapped in a piece of elegant blue dress and she was wearing a pair of wh

h generous affection? Without thinking any further, Lola continued her attack.

She gave Harry a big push that he fell straight into the pool as well.

Bonnie was utterly shocked as she saw Harry fall down. Her mouth was dry as she could not say anything. She was so scared to even open her mouth.

Who was the woman? How dare she push the legendary Harry into the water? Was she out of her mind? Only someone more powerful than Harry Si can do this to him!

"Shit!" Harry found his balance in the water and stood up straight. With a twisted smile, he glared at the woman next to the pool and yelled, "Lola, you are in big trouble! You know that!"

Lola knew she made a mistake. Out of panic, she ran back to the living room, grabbed her bag from the sofa and dashed out of the mansion.

Harry chased after her immediately. There was no way he would let her get away with what she has done. She had completely embarrassed him!

Lola yelped as Harry grasped her from behind and gripped her by the waist. She fought back with all her strength as she screamed, "Let me go, you freak!" Lola hit him with her fists as she struggled to wriggle herself free.

She kept screaming that he had no choice but to kiss her ruby lips. Lola was surprised, but managed to bite his lips.

Harry had to let her go. He stared deeply at her back as she ran towards the gate.

Tom was standing motionless by the gates. He looked really confused and worried. He whispered at Lola as he peeped on Harry not far from where they are, "Miss Li, I am sorry that I can't open the gate for you without Boss Si's order. It's not possible."

Lola was truly frustrated. Out of anger, she glared at the man whose hair was still dripping with water. Then she made up her mind. Lola quickly took off her high heels and handed her bag to Tom.

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