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   Chapter 235 Sheep Being Fed to the Mouth of a Tiger

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Every night that Lola return to her villa, she would always check on Nicole's room out of habit. Every time that she entered the room and saw the little quilt still neatly folded, she would realize that her daughter wasn't at home. This gave so much pain.

Harry added her mobile number to the blacklist, so it was so difficult for her to talk to her daughter.

This pissed off Lola.

At noon, she called Harry through the company's landline.

This time, the phone was quickly connected, and there came a deep and decisive voice from Harry. "Tell me!"

"Tell what? What do you want me to tell?" Lola wondered. Lola curled her lip in a discontented manner. "Boss Si, where is my daughter?" She was in a bad mood for not seeing her daughter for several days. This was like a torture for her. Her overall mood had been different lately and it had affected her emotions.

"My daughter is taking a noon nap in the lounge. You don't need to worry about her. What's up, Miss Li?" Harry stared at the door of the lounge and smiled while thinking of the lovely little girl inside.

To make up for the days of his absence, now he took her with him everywhere and every day. These had been the best days of his life. Even when his grandfather and parents wanted to see Nicole, they have to go to Harry's mansion to pay a visit. There was no way that he would let Nicole go to their house.

Lola pondered on Harry's words. He said "My daughter". Yet he just called her "Miss Li". Did he not want to be connected to her anymore?

"Of course, I want to see my daughter!"

"You can meet my daughter in C Country."

They were both emphasizing "my daughter" as if they wanted sole ownership of Nicole.

To C Country? Lola frowned. Why was she having a feeling that she is like a sheep being fed to the mouth of a tiger?

Her daughter was already there in the mouth of the tiger. Would she send herself there, too?

But, how could one obtain tiger cubs without entering the tiger's lair? She wanted that tiger cub, her Nicole.

She hung up the phone, connected the internal line to call the deputy CEO and general manager. Then, she started to hand over the work for the next two days to them.

Finally, she settled everything down before she ended work time in the evening. Lola left f

r, she had already developed an intimate connection with her father. What did Harry do for her?

"Daddy won't come. Just you and Mommy will go home." Lola simply refused to let Harry go with them.

But Nicole's lip curled and her eyes turned red. She grumbled, "Mommy, I want to be with Daddy and Mommy. I want to have a complete family." Nicole never wanted to separate with any of them.

Lola didn't know what to say while looking at her daughter's sad little face. Of course, she would like the three of them to stay together, too. But, that man seems like he will not forgive her at all!

Mrs. Du brought a plate of fresh mixed fruits to them. "Lola, Nicole, have some fruits."

"Thanks Mrs. Du!" Lola got the plate from Mrs. Du, thanked her, and fed Nicole with a piece of mango.

Mrs. Du watched them happily. She was very glad to know that Nicole was the child of Harry and Lola!

Although Harry didn't mention it, she could tell that Nicole looked more like Lola.

And from the side, she looked like Harry!

When it was already eight in the evening, Lola bathed her daughter and sang her to sleep.

According to Mrs. Du, Nicole slept with Harry every day. He was so nice to Nicole, as he even kept her beside him when he was sleeping.

Lola felt a little jealous.

But, where should she sleep?

Mrs. Du had already returned to her room. There were several bedrooms next to this one, but no beds were inside any of them. Did this mean that.... Oh, no. She couldn't stand sleeping next to that man.

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