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   Chapter 234 Give Nicole Back to Me

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In Mo Family.

Yolanda's Weibo page was no longer in the popular list. Before the disastrous events to her life, she had more than 10 million fans but now she had only millions of fake followers.

She returned home like a crazy person as she did not know what to do. She was so lost in her thoughts. The whole family was gloomy because of her contagious aura.

Yolanda was still in her wedding dress. Sitting in her room all by herself, she stared in agony at her phone as she watched the video clip of her wedding ceremony.

How could things happen like that? Everything changed at the last minute. Years of hard work was now in vain. Everything has turned into a disaster.

The woman she hated for years was going to replace her and become the lover of her Harry. Life was so unfair to her!

She did not need to go out to find out how bad her image was right now.

She once was an international famous shining star. She was once liked by everyone. How come everyone hated her now?

All these happened because of the woman! She needed to get rid of Lola Li!

Fair enough. From this moment up to the very end, Lola Li would be her sworn enemy. She would not stop until that woman does not exist in this world anymore!

Just then, the door was opened. James Mo came in.

He found his daughter sitting on the bed looking all sad and helpless. James felt both angry and sorry for her. The internet had went crazy over the day's event. All of them blamed their daughter and some even criticized that he and his wife did not educate their daughter well. They referred to their daughter as a mistress who tried to set others up. They said that she should have been taught some good manners.

He sighed deeply and said: "Yolanda, what really happened? You should have been more careful of this."

On hearing her father's voice, Yolanda stared at the window without looking at him. She was so ashamed.

"Dad, I am sorry that you got involved. I shouldn't have been so kind to Lola." If only Lola could have totally disappeared from the world long time ago, then all these nightmares wouldn't have happened. She and her family would be happy and safe right now.

James Mo was utterly speechless. How could she be so stubbornly silly! He snapped, "Yolanda, you should quit doing stupid things right now. From now on, you should come to daddy's company and work there. You should start a new life."

He blamed himself for spoiling her. Since the day she made her way to the entertainment industry, he has stopped putting her in his guidance. There were many days that she was not at home.

Not long time ago, she had the incident with the director and that almost cost her lifelong reputation.

"Daddy, I won't! How could I go outside when things are like that! I can't look at people's eyes anymore. All of them thinks very badly of me!" Yolanda looked down at h

s with Yolanda Mo." She really didn't understand her daughter's ways of doing things!

It seemed that her parents were not aware of what happened to Harry and Yolanda's wedding. Lola tried to explain, "Their wedding fell through."

Angie and Harold exchanged looks. Harold sensed something was wrong here, so he abruptly asked, "Lola, what is going on?"

Lola sighed deeply and explained, "Harry found out that Nicole is his own daughter so he cancelled the wedding with Yolanda." How else would she put it? To tell her parents honestly that Harry was going to fight for the child's custody?

She was not that stupid! She can't let her parents worry over this.

Lola's words worked. Mr. Li and Mrs. Li were very pleased at the answer. They thought Harry cancelled the wedding for the sake of Nicole.

It appeared that Harry cared a lot about their daughter and granddaughter. This made the old couple very delightful.

Lola noticed the looks on her parents' face and felt relieved herself.

However, she was also concerned of the possibility that Harry decided to keep Nicole and what should she say to her parents then?

Lola returned to her room but really couldn't fall asleep. She kept turning back and forth on the bed, thinking about Nicole. She was not used to sleeping without Nicole beside her.

At last, she sat up in huge frustration. She couldn't do it! If Harry ever decided to keep Nicole, she could do nothing but file a law suit against him! She had to win her daughter back! It might not be easy but it was the right thing to do.

This decision made her feel better. Eventually, Lola dozed off.

Time went by fast. The internet was still crazy about the disastrous wedding. People kept talking about Harry and Yolanda.

However, Nicole was not mentioned as Harry tried his best to cover her up.

Nicole was simply too young to be exposed. He would do everything to keep her safe.

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