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   Chapter 233 I Know My Distance And Limitations

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After Harry knew the truth about Nicole, his mood immediately changed. He never thought of having been cheated by that woman for so many years. She was usually very transparent and honest to him. Would she keep lying to him if he didn't marry today? That thought made him really mad! It seemed like all women were always lying to him.

When Lola thought she succeeded, she never expected that there would be endless torture from Harry that awaits her. She was so happily caught up in the moment.

Lola had dialed Joseph's phone number when Joseph noticed that Harry seemed angry and was about to leave the venue.

But Harry heard his phone ringing and saw Lola's name on the screen.

"Sister!" Joseph lowered his voice.

Suddenly, his phone was taken away by someone. Joseph was shocked as he watched Harry put the phone on his ear.

Harry didn't waste any time. "How dare you lie to me, Lola! You are the first one who did this to me. You will have to pay me back from now on! You took away my daughter from me for years!" Harry's teeth was grinding while he was saying these words.

Lola had pictured out a happy Harry and a simple and peaceful celebration. She didn't expect this.

What would that man do to punish her? It didn't sound like a joke. He was really serious about this.

"Nicole!" She thought to herself, "This is awful! He's going to take Nicole with him, isn't he? Does that mean I won't get to see my daughter now?" Damn it!

She frantically dialed Joseph's number again, but all she could hear was the cold voice prompts saying, "Hello, the phone number you dialed is unreachable at this moment."

No! She couldn't live without Nicole. Harry, you couldn't do this to me!

She dialed Harry's number but it was directly hung up after it rang once. And then, she could never reach the number again. He might have blocked her number out.

What now? What was she supposed to do?

Lola was completely flustered as she never thought she would lose her daughter because of this.

She thought that this would be a cause for celebration. It turned out to be a real nightmare. She was the loser today.

She forced herself to calm down and called her brother, "Brother, help me to speak to Harry. We need to talk about this."

Lola sounded very anxious so

e and stood motionless. She was greatly amazed. He told her gently, "This is your home now, Nicole." If the woman behaves herself, and won't cause troubles to annoy him, he would consider to bring her here, too! But right now, it has to wait.

It's always easy to satisfy children. As Nicole heard that this very spacious mansion will be her home, her little cheeks turned red because of excitement. Suddenly, she had a father and also a new home!

Nicole and her dad playfully chased each other for a while. Noticing that Nicole got a little tired and sleepy, Harry went to the bathroom to let her take a bath.

He took the moment to call Joey, and informed him to prepare all the things needed here tomorrow.

He needed a kids' room. But it's not that urgent because Nicole could sleep in his room for now.

When Harry returned to the bedroom, he saw Nicole playing a mini-game on his pad while yawning. He put the pad aside and took her in his arms to the bathroom.

He spent one hour bathing his daughter, and took her out in his arms. Harry still had a lot to learn in taking care of a child. It was a bit awkward for him right now.

Harry's shirt was totally wet as Nicole dabbled and played with the water endlessly. But he didn't care, as this was his little princess.

He had missed a large chunk of Nicole's life and he would do everything a dad should do to make up for it.

From now on, Nicole was Harry's little princess. And if someone will hurt her, that person will regret living in this world.

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