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   Chapter 232 Game was Over

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The tender soft voice melted the heart of everyone present in the hall.

They all turned around. At the gate, Joseph was there in a white casual suit holding the hand of a little girl in a white bubble skirt. The girl looked so lovely.

She stared at Harry who was on the stage now, and the whole audience burst into an uproar. They all thought that this was some kind of a joke.

Harry was more surprised than anyone as he looked at Nicole, who suddenly showed up and called him Daddy. He was lost in the moment. The endearment was so intimate for him.

Yolanda's heart tightened at once, and a sense of urgency went through her as she made a quick wink to the host.

The host hurried to continue, "Next, the bride Yolanda..." But his words was stopped by Harry's gesture.

Joseph had led Nicole to the path towards the stage, while all the cameramen and journalists switched their postures and turned the view to the cute little girl.

Harry's grandfather looked at Nicole carefully, and he realized that she looked like his grandson so much when he was still a child. The nose, the mouth, and even the eyes were Harry's...

Rose stared at the little girl who was calling her son Daddy. "Isn't she Lola's child? Why is she here? Yolanda is her daughter-in-law now! She can't allow this little girl to mess up the marriage." Rose thought to herself. While she was just taking one step out to do something, she was stopped by Harry's grandfather and Kevin.

"Daddy, I'm Nicole."

Suddenly, Harry's doubts were all removed. He finally saw the truth now. Nicole smiled lovably. She was so happy to see him and call him Daddy.

Yolanda stared at the little girl in disbelief. From the side, she can't deny that the girl looked exactly the same with young Harry.

She grabbed Nicole's arm and tried to pull her out. "Go out, you funny clown! Don't screw up my wedding!"

The other hand of Yolanda was grabbed by a big palm, and the flower in her arm fell off the stage. "Leave her alone."

Harry's cold voice was heard by almost all of the guests.

Yolanda was stunned. Game was over. For some days now, she had been dreading that this would hap

ords about her pregnancy and child-birth.

"Great-grandpa!" Nicole never was shy with strangers, so she called him in her really sweet voice. Now, the audience all knew this little girl was the granddaughter of the Si family. They all smiled and joined the conversation.

Rose was pushed aside by the crowd. She looked at Yolanda, who was still on the ground. Did she make the wrong choice?

The daughter-in-law she had firmly believed and trusted for more than ten years betrayed her and the family. What kind of person was she? Did she really know her? Maybe there was just some misunderstanding...

But, even so, Rose still was scared by her son's words of giving up on everything...

At that very moment, Harry walked onto the stage and picked up the microphone. "Sorry, my guests. This wedding will not continue. Thank you for coming! Your presence is greatly appreciated."

He will compensate for all the things he owed to Lola Li.

Of course, he won't forgive her so easily, either! She should have told him the truth! She dared lie to him for such a long time, so he was really mad at her. How could she hide his own daughter from him for four years!

Lola was crying tears of joy in front of the television as she watch the scene. She did it! Finally she succeeded!

In such a short time, Yolanda has become the bad person in front of everybody. And Lola had become the great beautiful princess of the powerful Harry Si.

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