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   Chapter 231 Welcome the Beautiful Bride

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"Joseph, Harry is going to marry! What can I do? I have to do something! You have to take Nicole there! Let Nicole recognize her father. Will you help me? Please?" She said all of these without pausing to breathe. She was this desperate. She had put all her hopes on Nicole, her beloved daughter.

Joseph was kind of surprised. Even so, he still agreed. He knew that Harry was better off with Lola. But wait! Did that mean that he needs to destroy Harry's wedding ceremony? Oh, the great and powerful Harry Si. Thinking of his cold and influential ex-brother-in-law, he was a bit frightened.

He managed to control these thoughts. "Yes, I will help you! Absolutely!" He would and must help her sister in any circumstances and to do whatever she needs!

Lola nodded her head in a satisfying manner. But she needed to calm down her emotions to arrange every procedures that Joseph needed to do. She explained all the details to him again and again! She did not want anything to hinder her plan.

"Yolanda, I will battle with you. But the result would depend on whom Harry will choose, Nicole or you. I hope that the universe would not let the bad person win this time!" Lola though.

Lola remembered a video that Jordan gave to her before. She held her cellphone tightly and began to plan her revenge.

She had put herself and Nicole in a fight with Yolanda Mo!

Put all the eggs in one basket! If she lost, she would be an eternal failure...

It was a beautiful sunny day.

June 6 is a lucky day in the Chinese Lunar calendar. This meant something really good, she hoped.

In Sophis five-star Hotel, C Country.

The big wedding photo was put in front of the hotel. It attracted numerous tourists and local people because of the beautiful lady and the handsome man on it.

This wedding attracted worldwide attention. A lot of netizens even left reassuring comments below Lola's Weibo post.

Every detail of the ceremony was prepared by Rose herself. She has badly desired to make this happen. Finally, the big day had come. The hotel was really a grand and luxurious one. Rose decorated it to her taste.

Outside the entrance, there was a piece of red carpet in one layer. Going inside the hotel, there was a gabled arch frame decorated with lovely artificial flowers. The road to

her father by the arm. She looked at the man on the platform and smiled happily.

From then on, they would be partners for the rest of their life.

The host was so nervous and almost forgot to speak because of the fact that Harry Si was standing beside him. "Distinguished guests and dear friends, good afternoon! It's June 6 today and on this lucky day, we want to thank you for coming to this wedding ceremony of the bridegroom Harry Si and the bride Yolanda Mo..."

Harry listened to his remarks impatiently and said "Hurry up!" But all the people down the platform could not hear what he said.

The host was so afraid that he almost couldn't remember his words. It was the first time that he had met such a serious bridegroom! This was all new to him!

"At this moment, I think all you guys are as excited as me...Well then, let's warmly welcome the beautiful bride."

With the warmly applause of the crowd on the background, Yolanda slowly walked towards where Harry was.

The host asked Harry when James Mo passed his daughter to him. "Do you, Mr. Si, take this lady, to have and to hold from this day forward? For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part? Do you?" ...

The beautiful rhyme was heard around the hall but Harry kept silent. Everything was quiet except the slow music. All the guests anxiously looked at the couple.

Because of the extreme silence, the soft little voice of a little girl echoed through the hall.


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