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   Chapter 230 Not to Give Up

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Wendy put on her red dress backstage and started toasting with her arms around Jordan. The wedding had been a very happy event.

Jordan smiled lovingly at her. They seemed to be a very happy couple.

As night fell, Harry had to go back to C Country. Lola said to herself that she would never give him up as she desperately looked at his back when he was hopping on his private plane. She knew for sure that they would meet very soon. She was confident.

Jordan's room had been decorated into his wedding room. He hadn't come back yet, so Wendy went to take a shower after removing her makeup. She was very joyful, but also kind of exhausted.

When she was coming out of the bathroom with a bath towel draped around her body, she ran into Jordan who was just about to come in.

Time froze as they stood face to face. Wendy blushed and picked up the black pajamas she had left on the bed. She made her way back to the bathroom.

The pajamas she took was the one Lola bought for her yesterday!

When Wendy was putting on the pajamas, Lola sneezed.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Wendy blushed again. Lola, her sister-in-law, had bought her black sexy pajamas……

How could she come out of the bathroom in this pajamas? She was really embarrassed now.

Jordan had been waiting for over ten minutes outside but still hadn't seen Wendy come out, so he curiously knocked at the bathroom door.

"Could you please bring me…… pajamas?" Wendy's soft voice came out of the bathroom. Jordan could sense that she was still a bit shy around him.

Just then, Jordan's phone beeped to indicate a text:

"Do not agree her any requests! If she doesn't come out of bathroom, you should break in."

Jordan closed the phone, and immediately pushed the bathroom door open.

This greatly startled Wendy but she refrained herself from shouting.

His eyes deepened as he saw Wendy in the very sexy pajamas. And now he realized what his sister was driving at.

He shrugged it off. Lola really loved both of them!

"Please, wait......outside." Wendy blushed, and she didn't know where to put her hands on to cover herself.

Jordan slowly stepped toward her, held her cold hand, and took her out of the ba

didn't give up and called four, five, six times more……

"Lola Li! It's still six o'clock right now!" Joseph had been working on the films until three in the morning, and was just about to fall asleep when the phone rang. It made her very annoyed.

But Lola ignored her anger, and said, "Joseph, wake up, something happened at home!"

She threatened her with this heavy tone which worked well in clearing Joseph's head. Suddenly, she came to her senses. "What's the matter? What happened? Is Nicole okay?"

Then there came Lola's engaging voice from the other side of the line, "You have to remember what I'm going to say, but don't tell anyone else! Promise me!"

Joseph sat up and managed to open her eyes. He ran into the bathroom to have his face cooled and refreshed with water.

"Lola, go ahead! I'm wide-awake now!" He wiped her face hastily and focused intently on what Lola would say.

Lola giggled, making Joseph feel really confused, "Lola, are you crazy, or are you in some kind of a shock?"

Was she crazy? Did he need to hang up and call his newly-married brother Jordan?

But, Jordan must be sleeping with his wife in his arms at this moment! Joseph should not disturb their special moment! Mother said, Jordan had been staying at home longer than before ever since he had got married……

No, that was not the point!

"Joseph, listen to me! Pay attention to what I will say." With that, Lola started talking. Everything frightened Joseph.

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