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   Chapter 229 Steal Your Brother's Thunder

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Besides, from their time in kindergarten to the university, she and Jordan were always with each other! They knew each other very well.

Lola was more excited than the new couple, as in her mind, her sister-in-law can't be anybody but Wendy. She knew who her brother wants and needs.

"You, go back to where you came from!" She pointed to the door while coldly staring at Sharon.

Sharon held her chin up high and returned her stare. She didn't move even one step. "Who do you think you are? How come that you think I would listen to you?"

Jordan shoved Sharon aside and firmly commanded her, "Leave this room. The girl I would marry today is Wendy. Go home!" Sharon's eyes were filled with tears at once as she kept staring at the Jordan that she hoped to be hers. She was hurt so bad by his coldness.

"Jordan, I wanna marry you. Please give this one more chance."

The thought that Jordan's ex-girlfriend suddenly showed up in the wedding made Wendy cringe. She stopped keeping silent and smiled, "Indeed, an ex-girlfriend is just like a toad, not only pesky, but also disgusting."

Sharon was enraged by the insult. "What disgusting words are you spitting!?" She hardly stopped herself from slapping Wendy's face.

Wendy was looking at Sharon so tenderly, but in a sarcastic way. Meanwhile, she was still smiling as she replied, "Disgusting, yes, exactly."

Realizing that Wendy was referring to her, Sharon rushed to slap Wendy.

Jordan and Lola ran to stop Sharon. He took hold of Sharon's already raised arm, and Lola had already slapped Sharon on her face, "Who do you think you are? How dare you offend my sister-in-law on her wedding, right here in front of my family! Leave, right now!"

Sharon only heard the first part of her words and didn't notice the rest as she pulled out her arm from Jordan's hand with her face covered with one hand.

"You bitch!"

Suddenly, Sharon pushed Lola, and Lola fell backwards defenselessly.

"Lola!" Wendy grabbed Lola's hand quickly, but there was someone much quicker than her and Jordan -- Harry. Of course, her Harry.

Harry caught Lola in his arms before she hit the floor, as he stared at Sharon with his cold eyes. "If you dare hurt her again, you are dead."

Who was he? How horrible a man this was! Sha

l expression turned surly as he replied unconcernedly, "Whenever." He never cared about the wedding, as the girl he would marry wasn't the one he truly loves.

Thomas Herren smiled and looked at Lola. "What gift shall we bring to Boss Si's wedding?"

Lola almost couldn't hold her laughed against Thomas Herren's words. She knew what he was thinking.

So why not just cooperate with him. "That sounds great. Mr. Si will marry Queen Mo who received abundant greetings from a liger. You must feel good!" She was looking into his eyes, like she was challenging him to a duel.

Harry was leaning back on the chair, sending out an aura of anger. Upon receiving the little lady's challenge, he held her chin between two fingers and replied, "May I steal your brother's thunder now?"

That meant he would do something with Lola here, right in front of everybody!

Thomas Herren looked at Harry's hand on Lola's chin. The smile on his face was slowly fading.

Lola disengaged his hand, hid her embarrassment with a dry cough and sat up. "Please behave yourself, Boss Si!"

Behave himself? Harry grinned. Do they really need to behave to each other?

Just in time, Nicole had finished her work of flower children. Joseph took her to come in. This broke the ice freezing on these three adults.

Lola held Nicole in her arms, watching while her daughter was joking and playing with the two big guys. She touched her own forehead quietly.

Nicole kept calling them "uncle...uncle...". When did she become so sweet?

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